Posted by: Shar & Mare | February 13, 2009

Why am I on an ON LINE dating site?

OMG — why am I on an ONLINE DATING site? Really, I had high hopes to meet my soul mate. I joined a popular site and uploaded what I thought was a good picture as my primary photo. I accompanied my best friend to a wedding and thought I looked good in the pic. My friend did not want to be seen in my online photo, which I totally respected. So, with my poor computer skills, I cropped the picture, but you could see just part of my friends arm. I thought it was a good picture and exhibited my smile and sense of fun well.

Whenever I changed my profile or picture, my profile moved to the top of the viewing list and I always got a flurry of emails in my inbox … which was like Christmas! I loved getting new emails.

Almost immediately, I saw emails in my MAILBOX and got a flurry of excitement. I clicked on an email from “someone” who just said, “I really liked your profile and your pretty smile. But, as soon as I saw that you did not care enough to post a proper professional picture and that you posted a pic with someone who was obviously cut out of that picture, I decided not to write you because I wondered how long it would be before you would cut me out of your life too.”

Wow. Am I wrong or is that screwed up? Am I being harsh?
Definitely not the email I was expecting. I thought he was not going to write me … but apparently he did.

In a moment of anger I wrote back, “Thank you for your email. And, by the way, just in case you were wondering if your therapy sessions worked. They did not. I suggest you go … no … run back to seek counseling. Have a great day!”

Oh, and for those wondering, my best friend in the picture … was gay and my best bud for 20 years. So much for his theory!

Please tell me I am not alone in meeting wacky wonders on the internet. LOL …. would love to hear from you.



  1. Hi there,

    Well I can say you are not the only one who has met some wacky thinking guys out there. My mother divorced after 26 years of marriage. Almost a year and a half or two, she decided to pick herself up and give the online dating thing a try. She had quite a few emails “winks.” She in time had some very entertaining dates as well. She would bring her best friend and husband along, sitting a table or two away. They would keep an eye out and meet with her in the ladies room to discuss if the date needed to come to a close or not. She did post a photo of herself with a friend as well, she had some crazy feedback about that- let your mind wonder. I thought the photo was very clean (was taken at a wedding of them sitting together), but guys have sick imaginations I guess.
    Anyway, she did come across this one guy… my sister said looked scary based on his photo. But his emails back and forth said otherwise. They met up for dinner and totally hit it off. He is now my stepfather, an angel I call him. I have never seen my mother so happy in her life. He is wonderful, kind, fair, realistic and honest… Definitely not scary… We are very thankful he had the nerve to ask my mother out. We are very proud that my mother was strong enough to move forward. She too had to kiss a few frogs in this online dating thing before she found her prince. Ironically, stepdad thought he posted an okay pic too. My sister told him way later that he looked scary and he laughed. People will draw their opinions no matter what you do, it’s the ones that don’t right of the bat are probably the ones worth meeting. Then after you know them a year they will say, “oh and by the way” that pic ….. But by that time, it will be okay and a good laugh.
    Hang in there- the good one will come…

  2. Hi,

    This is too too funny. Talking about pics … I just hate going on a profile and they post like, 15 pictures … and 14 of them are of flowers, sunsets, their animals … and just ONE of them. And usually, the one of them is a long distance shot so you really have no idea of what the person looks like. If you try to copy it and expand it then they become a huge blur and you still can’t see what they look like.

    That is so frustrating.
    I almost want to email them and tell them that I would like to have a date with their dog … not them.

    So, for those people reading this who think they are “cool” “eccentric” “eclectic” “creative” “in touch with their feminine side” … please find another way to illustrate this and just put up a simple photo of yourself so we can SEE what you look like.

    I must say I have to curb my sarcastic side when I see this on profiles. I am sure one day I will weaken and be bold, as you were Mariann in your response to wacky guy, and send some truly perfect response.

    Good Luck … for all of us … LOL


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