Posted by: Shar & Mare | April 3, 2009

Ah, how sweet!!

Hi all, it’s Mariann. I know it has been a while since I posted an entry. Work seems to be getting in the way of having fun and meeting people. Ooops! Hopefully a reduced travel schedule in April sure will cure that problem 🙂

I go thru cycles of visiting the on line dating sites. Well, I continue to plow my way through profiles on line looking for my potential soul mate. I have to make a conscious choice to be optimistic. Do you find yourselves doing that as well? Some days are harder than others!!

I have met some nice people who give me a twinge of hope and that keeps me going. I have been on numerous dates thru different online sites. They were starting to blend together in a colorful blur. I stayed up one night, as if I were on a mission, and reviewed a ton of profiles on I was tired, but I was in the “search mode” and had a goal.

People say dating is all about the numbers and statistics. They are right. So, I sent out several emails to what I deemed were compatible men. I figured, the numbers are in my favor to actually meet someone! 🙂

I was suprised when Kevin emailed me — he was a gold star that I hoped would write and was elated to see his email in my inbox.

We emailed a few times and agreed to meet for a drink at a local restaurant. I saw Kevin sitting at the bar and he gave me a hug, which I thought was sweet.

We talked for 3 hours … that seemed like 15 minutes. How refreshing. We covered a full range of topics from film to families to work to vacations to dating. The conversation flowed easily and naturally.

It was wonderful to meet someone with whom you could really have a good conversation!

He was cute, polite, funny, intelligent, well informed and had wonderful manners.

At one point, we got to talking about mother-child relationships. I was blessed with a wonderful relationship with my mother who recently passed away. Well, Kevin asked a few questions, and I found myself telling him about the shocking and emotional ordeal of my mom’s sickness and passing.

And, tears came to his eyes. He put his hand over my hand and kept it there and his body language told me he understood.

Ah, how sweet!!

It was right then and there that I realized, ah yes, this is how you are supposed to feel when you meet a great guy on a date. I was excited to see, email and talk to him again.

It was a wonderful feeling.
Now, I understand where all those corny broadway show tunes about dating, relationships, love and people are written.

He hugged me good bye and I walked away and all I could hear were those damn corny broadway love songs!!

Unfortunately, it did not work but and that is what dating is about. But, it was nice to meet a man who was not afraid to show his compassionate side!

Onward and upward. I am not giving up but it gives me some twinge of hope. Do you find it hard to remain hopeful? Have you had any positive experiences even though they did not work out? Have you made any personal discoveries about yourself thru online dating?

Let me know. I love hearing your comments and stories.




  1. I’m going to be submitting something this weekend! (Barring the unforseen.)

  2. great …. we look forward to it!!

  3. we look forward to getting your submission!

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