Posted by: Shar & Mare | April 17, 2009

The Dangers of a Wink ;-)

HI All —

OK, so I had a head shaking moment I need to share with you. My profile is on I like match because I have met some very nice people.

If anyone looks at my profile, I sort of come across as the nice, geeky, girl next door type. Certainly NOT some swinging sexual adventurer who is always out for a good time.

So, I sent an innocent wink to someone I thought was cute — a common way of just saying HI!

Well, the recipient of my wink sent me an email and not just another wink, which many men do … and then wait for the woman to then send an actual email. So, that was impressive.

Impressive until I started reading …. Uh Oh!!!!

He told me that my public face reads “quite conservative” but my “private facade” feels alot different. Now, in my profile, in the section under religion, I write that my religion is Catholic and I enjoy my faith and my extended family. And then he tells me he is ‘the Anti-Catholic.’

I know, I know. I have no idea where this is going and why is he telling me this????? Is he trying to turn me off from the start?

Then he tells me that we have a lot in common though and that his mind wonders back to having sex with me. Yep … you read it right … sex with him.

Does he HONESTLY think this tact is going to work?

Now keep in mind, the final words of my profile after a corny/witty attempt at desribing myself and what I am looking for, I write, “I am looking for a nice normal guy …”

And, yet, he actually ends the email, (verbatim)
One last warning. I am likely not the nice, normal guy you are seeking. I am a little more on the edge, a little hyper at times, and I tend to move very fast in a way. I know what I like, but I know a whole lot more what I don’t.

Now, let’s see, getting back to those different positions…… Ah, how the mind works! If you can laugh at a deviant, then you might find yourself rolling on the floor.”

Well, I sure as hell am laughing at this deviant.
I just wonder, does he send these kinds of emails out to other women and then if someone is foolish enough to reply and then he knows he has his next potential victim … er, date??

Wow. NEXT profile please!! LOL




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