Posted by: Shar & Mare | May 31, 2009

First Date for the 2nd time


OK, so I need to know that I am not the only person who has had a “blond dating moment.”

I went out on a “blind” date with the same person … twice … Two years apart but did not remember until I saw them! And guess what? I did that with TWO different people!

Is that bad? Stupid? Pathetic? Funny?
I am choosing funny.

I went out with one guy who I thought was really cute the first time and he said he would call but never did. About 2 years later, we went out again … and, I realized as soon as he approached but he never said he recognized me. We actually did date for a month but his penchant for discussing politics and nothing but politics wore a little thin.

I also met another man twice – the dates were also about two years apart. I did not realize it until we met at the same place for the 2nd “blind date” that we met at for the first “blind date”. And we both had the same exact reaction to each other — we had no chemistry and I could not wait to have the date over. This time, I was smart. I ordered a coke — you can quickly gulp a soda … unlike a wine (which I had the first time I met him). He at least recognized me shortly after our drinks were ordered. He said, “I think I met you before.” I said, “Yes, I think so, but I did not realize until I saw you in person.” He had a good memory and said, “we did not hit it off the first time did we?” I said, “nope. Glad you are honest. I say we finish our drinks and not waste each other’s time.” He agreed and it was the best 15 minute date I ever had.

Have you ever done that? Meet someone you met before on line? Did you have the same reaction or have a completely different reaction? I would love to hear your story!!

Thanks for sharing, Mariann


  1. Once I met a wonderful guy online. His name was Vlad, it was exotic, dark, and mysterious. And not very common…to think of all the things we spoke about before meeting in person, and where did you go to school never came up?

    So we go out for coffee, and right away I realize we took history together in high school. I was a total nerd back then and he didn’t really recognize me, and when I told him he looked embarrassed. Let’s just say he wasn’t the nicest guy back then.

    We became good friends after that until he had to move back to Romania with his family. but he left me a wonderful book and signed it with an apology for high school.

    Weird but true.

  2. I’ve never done that before, but I have met someone that had been around me all my life and when we started dating we realized how much we really were in each others life, starting from when we were younger. The relationship was the best I have had and it ended because of work conflicts. He travels all over the country for his job and every summer he pretty much lives in hotels because he travels so much. It’s sad. I haven’t been able to start love with someone else because I still love him. But life goes on, and we hope that at some point things will get better and time won’t be a conflict anymore.

  3. […] but he’s not alone. A search on the subject quickly turned up another disaster about a woman who has been set up on a blind date with the same person twice multiple […]

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