Posted by: Shar & Mare | June 17, 2009

A Nurturing Weekend at Skidmore

Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Hi, It’s Mariann.

I have been quiet on the online dating site these past few weeks and have decided to take a break and nurture my creative interests.

I attended the IWWG (International Women’s Writing Guild) at Skidmore this past weekend. It ran from June 12th to June 19th. I was only able to do a long weekend but it was a wonderful and insightful weekend.

The class offerings varied from the nuts and bolts of writing to exploring your writing by using various tools taught by different teachers to the exploration of Spirit/Mind/Body.

I took a diverse group of classes so I could get a full flavor of the courses and teachers. It was a fun and nurturing environment that supported and encouraged women to write and express themselves.


I sit here in a bit of a quandry about life from dating to work to my creative endeavors. And my time in a supportive environment at IWWG’s conference at Skidmore helped me to reflect and focus.

I strongly recommend to any woman reading this to look into and join the IWWG. And, to definately consider attending the conference at Skidmore in June 2010.

I am looking for direction.

What Path to take?

What Path to take?

I look to myself, my intuition, and my heart.

Ok, I admit it, I read the horoscope in the weekly TV guide. And, YES, I am curious about astrology. I am part skeptic and part believer. I wonder how it can be that the date and time we can be born has some bearing on who we are, our environment and what we do.


So, I was more than fascinated by a class offered at Skidmore about how Astrology and your sign can impact what you write about.

It was given by Shelley Ackerman who is a well known astologer. After class, I asked if she gave private readings. She did! So, I made an appointment. I was amazed at her insight and accuracy about me and where I am in life and what paths lie before me.

It a wierd way, it validated some of the feelings and frustrations and challenges that I have had in the recent past and how I feel about the future.

I would strongly recommend that for anyone interested in a reading, you contact Shelley Ackerman at Karmic Relief. Let me know if you go and how it was.

Many wonderful people were met, new friends were made, and creative experiences were had.

I took some other classes that really impressed me and I will talk further about those classes and writing exercises in my next blog.

Thanks for listening!
We all need to express our creativity and explore where we are in life and what we want. It is never too late to do this. And, writing and joining groups are a great way to start that process.

So, Write, Write, Write … Explore, Explore, Explore … Share, Share, Share and let us know what you are thinking about life, dating, a paradigm shift you had, an insight … and how you are dealing with keeping yourself balanced in such stressful times.

If I can provide any recommendations or resources to you, please ask and I will do my best to comply.

I look forward to hearing from you.




  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the IWWG, my wife was interested in going…

  2. It was great. She would have loved it. She should consider going next year. In the meantime, she should go to some of the conferences held througout the year.

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