Posted by: Shar & Mare | June 25, 2009

Journey into the Secret Garden with Debra Moffitt



Path of Flowers
Gate of the Garden

Gate of the Garden

I took a course at the IWWG Conference, JOURNEY INTO THE SECRET GARDEN. It was given by Debra Moffitt. It was a spiritually creative class that allowed you to visualize your secret garden where your thoughts and creativity can be seen, evaluated and changed.

It started with the birth of imagination. She asked us to meditate and follow along a path and enter the gate of our Secret Garden.

She asks us to go into our secret garden and describe what we see there. And to sit alone and walk around our secret garden. What symbols do we see? What surprises and array of colors lay before us? What does it look like? How do we feel?




Allow your mind to relax and allow your imagination to meet your heart and soul.

Garden in Woods[

Now describe your Secret Garden!

My secret garden initially had a lot of high grass and weeds. But, as I walked in further there were 2 sections. To the left there were wild and rambling flowers and trees. To the right, were well manicured gardens with even bushes and a fountain with water.

I had to laugh … 2 gardens in one where one garden was a bit scattered and wild and the other very organized and manicured. Ah-ha … perhaps the 2 sides of my personality. Perhaps representing my inner dichotomy. I don’t know, but it sure is interesting to explore this! Or, maybe it just means I need to get the weeds out of my life and need to clean my condo!

Manicured Garden

Manicured Garden

As you change so does your garden. It is a reflection of where you are and where you want to go. So, I decided to change my garden and add tall trees with Christmas lights and a section with tropical flowers … all sitting next to the serene ocean as the sun light shines and reflects the peacefullness of my garden.


All of this is but a minor exercise of a week long journey into your secret garden, a garden that is yours and yours alone.

Debra Moffitt, a published author, provides classes for conferences and seminars on this amazing meditative and spiritual exploration of your imagination and creativity. Please make sure to check out her blog and website. She has taught at the IWWG Conference at Skidmore and the Southern Women’s Writers Conference, among others. Contact Debra Moffitt at so she can help lead you to your secret garden.

I think these exercises and tools of meditation and writing allow you to find peace and serenity within yourself. And, when you do, you are happier. And, that joy and peace are obvious to those you meet whether it is family, friends, … or dare I say it … A POTENTIAL ON LINE DATE!

As I go weed and clean my condo, please tell us about your experience if you try this exercise.

Thanks again for indulging me in presenting some of the subjects and teachers from the IWWG Conference at Skidmore.

More to come,

Happy Flowers

Happy Flowers



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