Posted by: Shar & Mare | August 19, 2009

Hair = Bald

Hi, OK .. I have a quick rant. Please indulge me. I saw a profile on line and the guy was successful and seemed to have diverse interests. I don’t normally date someone without a photo … but we emailed a couple of times and this person seemed more action oriented. He wanted to meet in person instead of spending months emailing.

I tend to like to email and it did not always work out after meeting in person. So, I thought a change in strategy might be worthwhile. After a couple of emails and 1 phone call we agreed to meet for drinks and appetizers.

Now, his profile said he was 5’9″ had dark brown hair, green eyes and had an athletic build. Perhaps I am wrong, but I expected a guy with hair. I walked into the tiny bar and there was one bald guy at the bar. I stood there and finally he turned to me and said, “Mariann?” I said, “yes.” He smiled and said, “It’s Peter.” Shocked, I said, “Oh. Well … hello.”

I have no problem dating someone who is bald and have done so. But why oh why would someone say they not only have hair but assign a color to it when they are as bald as a pool tip? I just don’t get it … don’t they think the person will realize their ommission or lie … ?

Bald - Hair - Bald - Hair - Bald - Hair

Bald - Hair - Bald - Hair - Bald - Hair

Why do people do this … Lie about the obvious?
If you can educate me or give me some insight, I would truly appreciate it.

Mariann — sorry, it was not as short a rant as I thought!



  1. I have no idea why someone would lie especially about something so obvious — but I’m curious did you bring this up to him?

  2. I can not say that I have any reasoning behind why he would go to the levels that he did to “pull the wool over your eyes”. I can say that I had a similar incident with a female. She had me “believing” she was of one stature and age, when in the end, she was absolutely nothing like this. She even went to the length of having a false email address set up for a brother she did not have, she was an only child, and a friend that did not exist. After that little episode, I read a book about the psychotic mindset. These people are not necessarily your murderers and rapists, it is just the basis behind the psychopathic mindset. Those types of people live in their own little world. The have a reality that is askew. They believe that there is nothing wrong with what they doing, and feel that they are doing it for the betterment of their own good. They think and feel that what they must do is conform to what they believe to be the “norm”. I would venture to guess this guy, for some reason, felt that what he was describing himself as was what “women want”. Unlike Mel Gibson in the movie, he didn’t have that insight. I would venture to say that he assumed that after having short conversations with you, his physical appearance was irrelevant, no matter how far off his description was.

    Just my thoughts on the subject.

    • I think we’ve all met people like this, not only through the internet but also in our day to day lives. I have to agree with you Jason, I really think that there are many men and women out there who create their own reality.

  3. I agree with you completely. I know that my ex-wife did the same, hence the ex part now. But the psychopathic mindset is one of narcissism. They feed their own fuel with ideas and thoughts of a grandiose “reality”. This becomes a problem for those of us that are not of the same mindset. I am writing a couple books at current time, and I am attempting to portray this mindset in the manner at which those of us “normal” people see it.

  4. Well, Mariann, maybe he had dark brown hair somewhere…did you check his ears?

    I met one guy who could not have been the same person who was in his profile photo. He was taller, thinner, different hair color, you name it. Made no sense. Another emailed many times before meeting and told me all about his two children. He got drunk on our date and pulled out the wallet photos of his three kids.

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