Posted by: Shar & Mare | September 18, 2009

Companionship – A TRIBUTE

HI All,

It has been awhile since I have written. Life has been busy. Although, I must say, NOT busy with internet dates. Hopefully, that will turn around as the crisp October air approaches.

We all want companionship! It is at the core of human nature to develop a bond that grows into love and be with someone we know loves us as we are and is there for us.

I think perhaps that is why so many people get dogs. They exhibit unconditional love and want to be with you … their world revolves around you. They provide companionship. At the very core of every person, we want companionship. We want love. And dogs give that freely. Maybe that is why it is so easy to love dogs.

I grew up with a Shetland Sheepdog, Dakota, who I thought was perfect. He was handsome and regal and loyal and true. I used to joke that if my dog were only a human, He would be perfect guy for me!. My mom used to say that she liked Dakota better than most of her relatives. I think she was joking, but after knowing Dakota and some of my relatives, I am thinking she might have been serious. My mother made breakfast every morning for Dakota with great care, while I was made to find the cereal box. And, when people asked my mom if she had pics of her kids, she said, “No, but I have a picture of my dog.”

That bond that seems to be forged so easily with dogs is perhaps a lesson in how we should forge relationships with people and those we are interested in …. with love, without judgement, with support and honesty and committment.

I had 13 years with my dog, Dakota, and I still remember him and have on occassion called my nieces and nephews DAKOTA … I don’t know why … they were not barking or asking for doggie treats. But, that I still call out his name means he had a great impact on me with wonderful memories.

I have a dear friend who lives in CA who I love and is a true blue friend. His dog, Oscar, was … well, just a great dog.

Oscar - what a cutie!!

Oscar - what a cutie!!

My friend loves him dearly. And, as soon as my friend shows up, Oscar’s life had meaning and joy and happiness. I told my friend that when I visited CA, I came to visit Oscar, … not him (my friend).

Oscy blending with the white rug!!

Oscy blending with the white rug!!

People would ask me what Oscar was like. I told them that if my CA friend was a dog, he would be Oscar – fun, loving, kind, loyal, cute, a truly committed friend, always there for you, loved easing into the morning and a beautiful soul. My friend is a film editor. And, as you can see from this photo, I think we know who the REAL film editor was … OSCAR!!!



This past week, I was vacationing in CA to visit my friend … Oscar really. We were to spend some time at a spa and no sooner had we arrived at the pet friendly resort, Oscar seemed listless. This got worse. Over the next few days, Oscar’s health declined rapidly and the rest of our week was spent in doggie ER’s and doggies hospitals. I am very sad to say that Oscar was so sick that he passed away today. My friend did more for him than anyone would. I have lost a dear canine friend. I know the days ahead for my CA friend will be wrought with loneliness and a struggle to understand the how’s and why’s of losing a young pup of only 2.5 years.

Oscar & the best dad ever!

Oscar & the best dad ever!

The companionship and love they shared every day will be missing. And that kind of pain shoots right at the heart as Oscar will be missed.

Whether it is people or our beloved canines, companionship and love are so important – it is what sustains us. I know it did for my CA friend. And, know it will again some day.

And I do know, that at some point in the future when the fond memories of a fun and loyal buddy remain, but the pain wanes, I am sure my CA friend will find himself calling his nieces and nephews … OSCAR!

Rest in Peace Buddy ….

Mares & Oscar when Oscy was just a pup of 5 months!

Mares & Oscar when Oscy was just a pup of 5 months!

Thanks for listening!



  1. Thanks Mare, that was truly beautiful. Everything I felt about my Oscar you have captured beautfully in words. I will never forget him.

    • Thanks Rich. I won’t forget him either! He was a great dog. You were a great dad. Luv Ya! Mares

  2. Interesting I came across you blog today, and th post about dogs. A friend of ours is recently seperating from his wife, and the first thought he had was to get a dog. A dog he would appropriately name “Freedom.” He is considerate enough, however, to wait to get the dog until the seperation period has been longer than one week, as the new occupant in the house with a name like Freedom may cause his soon-to-be-ex some distress.

    • Dogs are great companions and great distractions. I am sure a divorce is rough and I think a dog will keep his heart open. Open hopefully to dealing with his situation with kindness and respect of himself and his ex as well as to other people. it’s a tough world and we all need a bit more love. I think dogs show us this in a very unselfish way. So, FREEDOM, is good and can be taken in so many ways. Good Luck to your friend!! Thanks for your comment.

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