Posted by: Shar & Mare | January 11, 2010

Dressing for a Date!

Dressing for a date can be fun … or very stressful. We’ve all been there. You want to look perfect. So every article of clothing gets closely scrutinized. You don’t want to overdress. You don’t want to send the wrong “message.” You don’t want to look too casual.

Personally, for a date, I tend to like an “after work” drink or a casual place for dinner. This way, I am either in a work suit or I will do nice jeans and a dressy-casual blouse. And, since 90% of my clothing is black, I rarely fret too much over what color to wear. LOL

In searching the web, I found a site, FASHIION SHE SAYS ( I was duly impressed with this site and the young lady who can take an outfit and change it to present 3 new outfits that ranage anywhere from casual to fun and whimsical to dressy. Her sense of fashion and style in her ability to put clothes together is fantastic. It is a wonderful example and template to follow that will help guide you for ideas when you are wondering how to dress for a date. And, she posts new ideas everyday.

I came away from this site and thought, “she makes you think outside the box in regard to fashion and how to dress” and that unique ability can teach us all to express our own individuality and creativity.

So, don’t walk … run to this site and check it out.

The one advantage of the internet is that you can use it as a tool to help and guide you with most things. And, sometimes, you can find a gem … like this site … FASHION SHE SAYS (

When you dress well and feel you look good, that feeling envelops you and positively projects a confident YOU to your date. And, just bring your humor, personality and brain, and you can’t help but WOW your date.

Of course, men have it much easier than women (sorry guys, but that’s the truth). So when I go on a date and a man brings his A-game in his attire, that is appreciated because it says he respects himself and me by looking nice. It definately wins him points.

I am sure we have all been on dates where someone shows up and their attire is a bit lacking. I had one experience where not only were his clothes mis-matching, they smelled of moth balls. Yuk! Needless to say, that was a very quick date. And, NO, there was no 2nd date.

So, please … share your stories. We love to hear feedback and stories.

Thanks for reading!




  1. Will definitely bookmark it and check it later. It’s way past my bedtime now. x.x

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  3. lovely

  4. I think that in terms of appearance, clothing is just as important as genetic features. It’s all part of the same thing — what you look like. With the right clothes, everybody can look amazing!

    The worst outfit I’ve ever seen was an old t-shirt tucked into high-waisted jeans with a baseball cap. This guy wore that on the first day, and he looked like a CREEPER. The minute I saw him, my intuition told me that he was a sleaze and I shouldn’t get in his car. Clothing can say a lot…

  5. […] What you wear on a date speaks volumes. But, I think we all know that. But, I think we underestimate the overtones or vibes we give off with what we wear. […]

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