Posted by: Shar & Mare | February 16, 2010

Single for Valentine’s Day

This week we feature a guest post from relationship expert, Maryanne Camarota. Be sure to visit her at Maryanne Live for great relationship advice and to listen to her radio broadcasts! – Enjoy, Sharon and Mariann

The other day a reporter asked if I would help him with his column, and when I agreed, the first thing he asked me was to suggest places that single people can go to meet other single people.

“There’s no one place that would work well for everyone,” I said. “That’s like saying that everyone should go to eat at a specific seafood restaurant, when there are lots of people who don’t like seafood, or are even allergic to it! We have to stop thinking that a perfect relationship means the same thing to everyone. If you think you can just meet anyone and be happy, then you could try that any any singles bar, any night of the week.

“But the truth is,” I continued, “most of us want something more specific than that, but we haven’t taken the time to discover and state exactly what that s pecific thing is. It’s different for each person, and yet we tend to just go out there and try different people and hope we get lucky finding a good match. We could save a lot of wasted time and effort by first looking inward instead. Ask yourself what you really want, and be clear in stating the answers. Then set an intention to have those things, and go out and live your life accordingly. Hang out in the kinds of places where you’re likely to meet people who have the same values and interests as you have. You’d be surprised at how much of the rest takes care of itself.”

“But what can single people do to get through the loneliness of Valentine’s Day?” he asked. This is entirely down to your attitude as a single person. If you think that it’s a holiday to be tolerated, then that’s exactly what you’ll get. But if you celebrate Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to love yourself and to put that message out into the universe, suddenly there’s nothing lonely about it. Treat yourself to all the things you want, have that massage you’ve been thinking about, and do for yourself all the wonderful things you know you deserve. Don’t wait for someone else to do them for you. If you treat yourself with love, that love will come back to you sooner than you expect.

“So where are the hottest meeting places for singles?” he asked.

“As I said before, there’s no particular place out there – you have to find the answer according to your real self,” I repeated. “For example, eight years before I met my husband, I had a dream about him, and I knew he was coming to me someday. I concentrated on the things that made me happy, and the rest fell into place. So focus your energies on yourself and what makes you happy, and then go out into the world with that message on your sleeve.”

If you look at your relationship history, you probably want to avoid the failures of the past, right? So get yourself ready by aligning with your true desires, and then just go out and do the things that fulfill those desires.

“In other words,” I said, “finding out what you love to do and then doing it is the key!”

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