Posted by: Shar & Mare | February 23, 2010

The Reviews Are In

A friend recently sent me an email to say that she was referring her recently divorced sister to the LifeBytes blog to read about online dating. It seems that sis is anxious to get back into the dating pool but a bit overwhelmed by the concept of dating online. Write a profile? List my Turn-ons and Turn-offs? Email? I need to post a PICTURE TOO??!! No Virginia, you don’t just go the local sock-hop and wait for a boy to kiss you anymore. Add to this the fact that there are so many sites out there to choose from and I can see where the newly-single would find the prospects of remaining perpetually-single quite appealing.

Ah but the internet is good for so much more than dating…research for instance. Mariann and I recently connected with a site called – the perfect place to start researching the various sites out there if you’re a “newbie” or even if you’re a veteran dater just looking to compare sites.

OnlineDatingSites features complete reviews of most of the major sites, including very complete information about what’s allowed or restricted with free or trial memberships as well as the fee structure for full-access membership. The reviews are grouped by Top Ten and specialty (Senior, gay, single-parent, jewish, to name a few) sites. I was really impressed with the way the reviews were structured, easy to read and complete but not so long that you need to spend days reading through them. You can be up and dating in no time.

There is also a blog with posts listing the top dating advice sites for men as well as for women, articles about the advantages of online dating and more. Oh yes, one more thing to note OnlineDatingSites has excellent taste in blogs….LifeBytes is listed as one of their “must-read” blogs..just sayin’.:)

Every dating site has it’s own personality, some have a more casual “just dive in and search our database” approach and some have a more, they call it scientific, approach. With the more structured sites you’re required to fill out a personality test that helps to match you. This can be fun or annoying and time consuming, depending on your own personality (and patience!!) A site like OnlineDatingSites can help to cut through the clutter and allow you to find the site that you’ll feel the most at home with. And that is a huge step in the right direction because… really do need to spend time posting a headshot, reading lots of profiles, sending emails, and……All much easier to do if you’re on the site that suits you best.


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