Posted by: Shar & Mare | March 12, 2010

DWD – Drinking While Dating

It’s Friday. It’s after 6pm. Perfect time for a cocktail. But, on this Friday, you are meeting a date. You are a bit nervous. A cocktail would be great about now. So, do you have a drink? How much is too much?

If you listen to the MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER she tells you no alcohol.

I have gone to extremes. I have done the coffee date as I don’t want alcohol to muddy the date or my perception. I have also gone to a wine bar and done a wine tasting and after several tastings, am a bit … “happy.” This is where he gets alot cuter and more charming than he really is. And, I am pretty sure I think I am more funny than I really am!

I don’t know what happens to you when you partake in spoils of a grape, but after 2 drinks, I get very talky and ramble.

So, I have concluded that I should have a 2 drink minimum and if I think the evening is going to be longer, I break that up and stick to wine spritzers. I ask for more spritz than wine and this way, I feel like I am drinking but the affects are greatly reduced! This is a good thing.

It is funny how the intake of alcohol can fake us out and think we are making sense. But, it also depends on how much our date is drinking. And, whereas they might join you in that 2nd or 3rd drink, that does not mean that they are not taking in how much you might be drinking.

I think the key is to devise a plan BEFORE you meet your date. Limit yourself to 1 one drink or 2 spritzers and if you want o break it up, have a soda or non-alcoholic drink in between.

And, likewise, it is good for you to see how much your date is drinking or how much he pushes you to drink. Be careful of the red flags that could give you insight to some problem.

Whatever you do, do not go crazy drinking on a first date because you will most assuredly have regrets over your actions or what you said. And regrets are tedious and time consuming.

Put your best foot forward and make sure you present the best you. Don’t get drunk. Don’t have a TMI (Too Much Information) incident. And, make sure you are always in control of your faculties so you are also not the victim of someone with more sinister motives.

I am starting to think a coffee shop really is the perfect date!
But, if you opt for something more adult, please use caution and whatever you do, do NOT Drink While Driving and please try not to Drink While Dating (on the first date anyway! 🙂 )

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  1. Thanks for the comment.
    I’ve never really been one for dating, but you’re right it has given me a great story. 🙂
    Have you ever had a date who is ridiculously drunk whilst you’re still sober?

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