Posted by: Shar & Mare | April 23, 2010

Table MISmanners

Can you want to laugh, cry and get sick all on the same date?

I know, it’s a challenge, but I think I have been successful with that.

I recently had a first date with someone I met online. Aside from his gaining about 100 pounds since since posting his profile photo, I was more amazed at his table manners … er, mis-manners.

He burped his way through dinner. And, not a “gee, let me cover that up and say excuse me afterward type burp.” No way. This was a loud, open your mouth and let the entire restaurant hear and smell your disgustingness. At first, I was appalled. After 10 “Power Belches”, I almost thought I was on a “Candid Camera – Howie Do It” type show and had to suppress my laughter. After 30 times (over the course of 15 minutes), I realized I was not a victim on a comedy reality show. By then my stomach was doing back flips and I feared getting sick at the table.

I couldn’t take it. I got up, threw $10 on the table and said I had to go and literally RAN out of the restaurant.

We all have bodily functions and sometimes they are not well timed. But this was so over the top it was hard to believe it was not staged.

Have you ever had something like this happen to you? Please say yes and share. 🙂



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