Posted by: Shar & Mare | May 5, 2010

Stuck In Neutral

Most dating sites will let you click a button to nudge or wink at someone to let them know you’re interested. I don’t believe in winking or nudging. Seriously, if I were out in public and someone was actually winking at me, I’d assume that they either had a facial tic or dust in their eyes. If a guy walked up to me and physically “nudged” me with out speaking…I’d slug him. So why should I respond at all to these “Type a sentence? That’s hard!” actions, or even take that lazy way out myself?

I email. I just send a short note to let someone know that I enjoyed their profile and to email back if they’re interested in talking. It works for me, I know right away if someone is, A. Interested and B. Can spell. I’ve met some nice men this way… not lately though. I haven’t had an actual date in a while…I seem to be mired in email hell. Someone emails me, or I email him and, although things seem promising at first, we just don’t progress past a few notes. I should check my horoscope, maybe Mars is chasing Neptune through my third house of aggravation. I just don’t know.

Here’s just one example of what’s been happening. Last week I found a nice profile on Good looking man, good profile. It was well written with minimal bragging. I sent a note. He wrote back to say, yes we seemed to have things in common, so I sent him my cell number and suggested he call (I like to email, but not a lot. After all we’re on here to meet…in person). The next evening I logged onto my account to find an email from him. He had sent me HIS phone number with a note saying that if he didn’t call me first – I could call him. As it turns out, I got a call from a friend right about then and by the time we were finished chatting it was far too late to call. So, I phoned the next night and got his voicemail. I left a message. I never heard back from him.

Why? Could be one of a number of things. He noticed that I didn’t call him the minute I got his number and this annoyed him (apparently men can wait a while before calling, but not women, we gals need to jump on it right away!…LOL). He met the girl of his dreams two minutes after he sent me his number (if this is true then she should dump him as he’s still active on Match – naughty boy). Or, Uranus is transgressing my fifth house of annoyance and my Venus is retrofitting through my ….I really must check my horoscope!


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