Posted by: Shar & Mare | May 19, 2010

To Kiss or Not to Kiss on the First Date – That is the question!

You go on a date. If you don’t like the guy, you never have to worry about the first nite kiss. You thank God you have a dog who barks loudly as you put your key in the lock and open the door and rush inside away from your nightmare and into the arms of your loving canine.

But, what happens if you like the guy? Do you kiss him on the first date or not? You want to … but should you? That is the million dollar question. I think this is a question that will cause a lot of debate among the sexes. I am always amazed and pleasantly surprised by the guys who say they like to wait for a 2nd date … “it is something to wait for.”

Here is a video … and to be honest, I don’t think it answers the questions and probably only propogates the debate.

We definately want to hear from hear where you are on the debate!
Take our poll and send us comments.

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  1. I was always fine with kissing on a first date if I liked the guy and wanted to kiss him. I never saw the point in waiting or playing games about it. I honestly don’t think it ever kept me from a second date. 😀

  2. I’m with you Larissa, first date kisses are part of the whole fun of finding out how compatible you are..:)

  3. Matt & Tamsen may leave the debate open, but they are an entertaining duo. Wonder if they’ll ever pop up this side of the Atlantic? (The European side, that is.)

  4. I like to let a man brush my hair on a first date. Is that wrong? Sometimes I don’t get a call back.

    • If it’s something you initiated or you ask them to do…It’s sometimes a turn off. But if it’s something they initiated to do, then that’s fine. I know little about men and I’m fortunate to have a friend who can teach me BOYS 101. I suggest that when you go on a first date. If you like your date just give him a hint that you like him by words or by gestures and make it casual. Don’t do anything that people in a relationship do. Having them brush your hair is kind of…I have no words to explain but it’s something that you ask only to those who you are close with. Consider the guy on your first date as a “stranger”.

  5. Interesting question, I’m quite shocked with the survey result. Unfortunately I can’t see the video from here, since I’m using my work PC, anyways. I can’t wait till I get home before I comment on this. Well at first, I thought it’s okay to kiss if you like the guy and you think the timing is perfect. But based on my experience, I say, it’s always better to keep the mystery alive. Man in nature are hunters, they love adventures or chase. If you kiss on the first date, they will lose the thrill of chasing you, well they may also chase you for sex. What I can suggest, if you really like the guy? Flirt with him on your date and give him a hint that you like him. But don’t kiss 🙂 After that? He’ll be dying for your next date.

  6. Never kiss on the first date. If the guy really likes you he will wait until he takes you out a couple of times. Most guys like girls who play “hard to get”. So if you just kiss them after the first date, you really aren’t that hard to get. What is going to happen the next time? Are you going to invite him inside, and then have sex with him. Don’t wait to long to kiss him though then he will think you are just using him. It is all really just about the timing.

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