Posted by: Shar & Mare | June 15, 2010

Shhhh…I’m Eavesdropping.

What is going on with me?
I met a man last week who’d contacted me on He wasn’t my usual physical type — that’s the type that makes me think “KA-Ching…Jackpot!” when I see his photo. He did, however, seem intelligent and down-to-earth in his profile write-up (call me crazy, but that actually does have an edge for me over the pix). So after an email or two and a brief phone call, we arranged to meet at a local pub.

Finnegan’s is an Irish neighborhood bar and, since we met on a weeknight, not at all crowded. In fact, we were only one of two couples in the little back dining room. The hostess seated us at adjacent tables. I wondered why she did that as there were at least six other tables to choose from. Perhaps she had bunions and wanted to keep her walking distance to a minimum?

We ordered drinks and “Mr. Perky Profile” began talking…and talking…and talking about his life. It was hard to get a word in edge-wise, but he had had a pretty interesting life so I didn’t mind being in listening mode. All went well until snippets of the conversation from our table-neighbors began registering in my ears. THEY were also on an internet date! I found myself uncontrollably drawn to their conversation.
“So you’re hobby is …”
“I’m an account manager, but what I really want to do is …”
“Well, I have a really huge….”

“Breakfast Burrito”…this last was from Perky. He was talking about his favorite foods.
“Really,” I said, with what I hoped was a charming smile. I was hesitant to add more since I’d obviously missed a chunk of sparkling repartee previous to this. Perky just kept rolling on.

My attention continued flip-flop back and forth until I almost answered Perky’s “So, tell me about the plays you perform in at the theater”, with “The Galapagos Islands!!”. Seems the neighbors were up to the “places you’d like to go on vacation to” portion of the evening. It was good that I caught myself in time although if I hadn’t I probably could have made up some story about a play we’re doing involving a mysterious island off the coast of Peru, ala “Lost”.

I did try to be a better date after that and I guess I was fairly well behaved because Perky asked if he could call me again as we were walking to our cars later on. I said he could and, if he does, I’ll go out with him. I do feel I owe him a night of undivided attention…well…I’ll try…really…unless…

Seriously, what is it with me? Have I been on too many internet dates, or am I just developing Dating ADD??



  1. Perhaps going for a picnic with fewer people is a good idea?:-)
    Good luck for the next meetings

  2. LOL, great suggestion. I am obviously in need of some sensory deprevation..:)

  3. Let’s face it Sharon. You were bored. Bored. And let me re-iterate … Bored.

    I am sorry … what did you write … I wasn’t paying attention!


  4. […] so…no guarantees in love. I DID meet men in the last six months. Just not THAT man. There was Mr. Perky Profile…nice, but not someone who revved my engine. And Mr. Care Bear who was charming but […]

  5. […] is a sure sign that he’s “just not that into you”. True for women too. I’ve been on first internet dates where I’ve found myself distracted by everything that was going on around me and not paying full attention to my date. Not nice I […]

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