Posted by: Shar & Mare | July 16, 2010

Video Friday – Lowered Expectations

Here’s the first of our new Friday feature….Video Friday’s!

This video is a spoof called LOWERED EXPECTATIONS.
Yes, this is a funny extreme.
But, I have to say … I have known people who so wanted to get married that they did lower their expectations and missed red flags and did not truly follow their heart. They convinced themselves that they were making the right decision. But, were they? Unfortunately, in too many cases, I saw the divorce coming.

But, that is another tricky question for another time. How do you share that with your friend? If you do say something, you could be attributed with many mean attributes. If you don’t and later say I TOLD YOU SO, then your friend wonders why you were not honest with them.

Either way … a tough dilemna.

But, it is video Friday … and I suspect this will make you chuckle.




  1. Funny! Thanks.

  2. Oh boy – that made me laugh! We had friends who my husband and I both knew that their relationship wouldn’t last. My hubby was best man at their wedding. I asked him how he could stand up for them knowing in his heart that it wasn’t going to last. He shrugged and said, “They think it will.” I didn’t say anything to them either, and in a way he was right. It was their mistake to make, not for us to interfere. Neither of those people would’ve appreciated our input, nor would they like us to tell them so.
    I’m sure people thought that my husband and I would never last either, but 19 yrs later here we are. We met as high school sweethearts and were probably attracted to one another because we understood the other’s pain. It makes for an interesting relationship when you have to both literally grow up and maintain a relationship.
    I just remembered that my hubby was asked to be best man for another wedding for a childhood friend. Unfortunately, this guy was abusive both physically and verbally to his fiancee. We both witnessed it. It made my husband uncomfortable to stand up for them, and he told the guy no a few months prior to the wedding. The couple in question never did tie the knot. So I guess sometimes saying what you think is a good thing.

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