Posted by: Shar & Mare | August 13, 2010

Video Friday…Wobbly Knees!

The latest TV commercials in the Northeast USA feature “real” couples experiencing their first date, having a quiet conversation over dinner. There’s soft lighting, even softer music, and the sound of yawning…Oh, wait…that’s me. Not that I have anything against a romantic dinner in an intimate bistro. It’s just that these ads make it seem like the most unromantic and uninspiring night that one could have on a first date, or any date.

Now the Brit’s, on the other hand, know how to get the head-over-heels in love point across with pizzazz and a tweak to the funny-bone. Here’s an ad for Britain’s

I may move to London. Wobbly knees look like way more fun than serious whispering over wine and soggy shrimp cocktails.

Happy Dating!


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