Posted by: Shar & Mare | August 30, 2010

Maybe I shouldn’t be so happy about this.

But I AM. I just got my free six month extension from! Here’s how it works: Match Guarantees! that you will meet your soul-mate within six months…IF you have a profile and photo up AND send at least 5 emails to 5 different people every month. I did this. Hey, I know how to follow the rules, I was that annoying girl in the front of your sixth grade classroom – you know the one that raised her hand ALL THE TIME and wrecked the grading curve because she studied and followed directions and so you teased and tortured her and….OK, sorry, went off on a bit of a tangent there.

Anyway, if after all that you have not met the person of your dreams, then Match will grant you another six months of membership for FREE. So, why am I happy about this …after not meeting my soul-mate as was guaranteed. (Guaranteed!) By Match?

You’re probably thinking poor thing, no one wants her. It’s flung her into the black hole of insanity and now they’ll take her away in a strait jacket as she cackles FREEE….FREEEEE….FREEEE. Well my friends, you would be wrong.

Here’s the way I see it. There are no guarantees in life and so…no guarantees in love. I DID meet men in the last six months. Just not THAT man. There was Mr. Perky Profile…nice, but not someone who revved my engine. And Mr. Care Bear who was charming but OH…No way was I going to deal with his oh-so-spoiled children, just to name two, and of course piles of the strangest emails ever. No, nary a life-long-love in the bunch…but at least I was looking. And that is HUGE.

With the LifeBytes™ project, I’ve heard from so many single men and women. Some people meet someone within a few months (my niece for one….wedding next April…woooohooo). Some singles really are completely frustrated and ready for a strait-jacket after dating for an eternity. Some try online dating and give up if they don’t meet someone in a month. Then there’s the guys and gals like me….just chugging along (The Little Engine That Could just popped into my head…maybe I am a little wacky now…LOL) We all have different approaches and attitudes and these color our dating experiences just as surely as our personalities color how the world sees us.

The thing IS…the only guarantee that we have as singles is that we will NOT connect someone at all if we don’t get out there and at least meet new people. That’s why I’m so happy about my six month extension…I’m guaranteed the chance to keep meeting men (at no additional charge :)), each one of whom just may be The One. And that, my friends, makes me very, very happy.

So thanks Match for making sure that I get off my keister and go play with guys rock!




  1. I love this. You are so right on. I was single and miserable back in 2006, but I realized I wasn’t doing anything about it. So, over the Thanksgiving holiday I signed up for eHarmony (b/c they had a freebie weekend). On the 5th of December I was matched with a guy named Matt. We met in person on the 8th of December, he said he loved me on the 13th of December, we got engaged on the 29th of January and married on the 26th of May, 2007. You have to be pro-active….unless you are a disney princess chances are prince charming isn’t coming to whisk you away unless you help him find you!

    • Thanks for stopping by AND for sharing your eHarmony story. We just love a good tale, especially when it’s all about love 🙂

  2. […] dates and looking for love. So far, one of them isn’t too happy with the recently attained six additional free months to their subscription to […]

  3. LOL, I originally signed up for the 6 months as well, KNOWING full well it couldn’t possibly take me 6 months to meet a good guy ……… huh, well, 10 months in (thanks for the 6 months free), I have met some good guys – just not good for me! Getting a bit cynical at this point, but heck, my bad dates blog keeps my friends entertained ….. 😉

    • We’re with you on that one! It sure is possible to find a great relationship online but it takes a certain stamina (stamina = sense of humor + positive outlook). I think that’s why we also write about dating and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hearing about everyone else’s adventures too.

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