Posted by: Shar & Mare | September 7, 2010

Re-discovering Laura Branigan

It was 11:55pm and I was glancing at the clock thinking I should go to bed. I was finishing a cup of tea and decided to skim the myriad of channels I think I subscribe too. I saw the opening credits of FLASHDANCE and I was hooked. This movie was like an anthem for the working girl who was more than she seemed. I had forgotten the scene where Jennifer Beals takes off her bra while still wearing her shirt … in front of the very cute boss (Michael Nourri) … at the time I thought this maneuver was quite bold.

As the movie played along, Laura Branigan’s GLORIA bounced out of the TV. OMG … in that instant, I was transported to another time in life. One I had forgotten. One I thought was worse at the time but in hindsight, was actually a good time. I wish I had appreciated it. With a few notes, the floodgates opened to memories and experiences that were locked deep in my mind (I’m blond, so that’s not too deep!). As remembrances of parties and friends brought a smile to my face, so too came back images of guys who I either dated or had such a crush on that I could barely put two sentences together.

Amazing to me that there were people and events that happened that I forgot about and 3 notes opened up that box of jewels … in the voice of Laura Branigan singing GLORIA. So, I then immediately went to iTunes and downloaded several of her songs … some I knew and others I am only discovering now. Seems fitting to be discovering her new songs when an old song of hers caused me to re-discover part of my past friends, loves and fun times.

Do you remember Laura Branigan? I thought she had a great voice. Remember this? Ya gotta love those solid gold dancers from the 80s! LOL

It is a shame what happened to Laura Branigan. She died in 2004 from a brain aneurysm. It makes you realize that while you remember and treasure memories, it is important to live life and create new memories every day!

Go, run back to your past and play a song or watch a video and see what memories it unlocks.

Tell me what you remembered … I would love to hear it.

Thanks for letting me ramble!



  1. I always loved her music.

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