Posted by: Shar & Mare | September 13, 2010

Don’t Worry…Date Happy.

Last week I met a guy from for coffee….nice guy, good conversation. Pretty much, from an online dating perspective, a very good date. What I really remember from the date though, other than his awesome blue eyes 😉 were his comments about really wanting to find a long-term relationship… truly, I mean this man is on a mission. Of course that is so much easier said than done on an online dating site. Dating online can be loads of fun, scary at times, and monumentally frustrating as you wade through the serial daters trying to find the person who’s looking for exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe someone to wake up to every single morning for the rest of your not-single life? So this got me thinking (stop snickering, my sarcastic friends and readers! I know I’m a blue-eyed blonde but I DO think on occasion). How exactly can we keep our smiles and sanity freshly pressed as single online daters? I went immediately to my computer because you know the internets knows all….sees all, and I found an amazing little blog by Cindy Taylor, a marriage coach…YES, who would know better than someone who has actually found that “forever” person!!

Her post, Add Happiness Every Day of The Month opens with “According to the Society of Happy People, there are thirty-one types of happiness, easily one for each day of any month!” and goes on to list them.

Hmmm, I start reading and realize that these types of happiness can be applied to even the most average of internet dates. What a great way to stay grounded while trying to find your perfect bowling partner! Let’s see there’s #2-Amused. I can be amused at the clever little jokes my internet date is sharing with me and, if the jokes stink, I can be amused by the way his rug keeps slipping to the left side of his skull every time he lets out that annoying hyena laugh.

I can #9-Delight in the fact that he seems like a caring, attentive father to his teenage children (a big happy plus in my book) or I can delight in the fact that my kid is not a teen anymore and so not making me as stressed and sleep-deprived as my date obviously is.

I can have #12-Fun by blowing my straw-paper into my dates face, just to see his reaction, #5-Celebrate the fact that he’s laughing and blowing his straw paper right back at me, or #15-Be Grateful that I don’t ever have to see him again if he gets ticked off by the straw paper that has lodged itself under the edge of his rug.

I so often experience being #1-Amazed by how much older my date seems in person than in that obviously 20-year-old headshot on OKCupid. Yet, I always remain #22-Optimistic that the next date will be more honest and realistic about himself.

So, whether I’m enjoying a good date or rushing through a really baaaad date I can always find something to be happy about because really I’m #16-Hopeful that, if I’m positive, determined and patient I will eventually find #20-Love.

What happinesses could you have fun with? Stop by Cindy’s blog to see the rest of the list!

🙂 Sharon



  1. #12 I do on a daily basis (:

  2. Heya, I wrote a post about dating on my other blog.

    I also mentioned your blog in it. If you would prefer that I didn’t I can take it out it wouldn’t be a problem.

  3. Hi, thanks for the mention in your blog…Just finished reading it. I love nothing better than a good dating story! Don’t give up on dating, at the very least you’ll have a good tale or two to tell at the pub.

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