Posted by: Shar & Mare | September 20, 2010

IT’S A SMALL WORLD – Crossing Paths in a Parallel World

I have my circle of friends. But, once you embark into the world of online dating, the circle of people who can cross your path that might know you or people you know grows exponentially, it seems. It makes you realize what a small small world this really is. (And I swear, the video below is NOT the Disney song, “It’s A Small World.”)

OK, for example, I wound up meeting someone 5 years apart online … and it was the same person. This happened twice!! I know, I know. My response, “I’m Blonde.” And, let’s just leave it at that!

Another time, I met someone online who had also contacted 2 girlfriends of mine. Weird. I put that to a quick end.

I had someone who wanted to fix me up with their friend. GREAT! I would much rather meet a guy through friends. Unfortunately, when we did meet for the first time … well, we realized we had met online a year earlier. It didn’t work then and it didn’t work now.

A few years ago, I hit it off with this really cute guy who had a fabulous smile and sea water blue eyes. I was hooked. When we chatted initially, he was charming and funny. I thought I had actually met a winner. When we talked the 2nd time, we delved more deeply about ourselves. He had grown up in NJ, was divorced, quit his job for a year to pursue music with a sound studio he set up in his basement, found a great job at a Fortune 500 company and he had a close knit family.

It seemed too good to be true. But, the details of his life story seemed a bit too familiar. But where had I heard it? Or, did I just read it? And, then it hit me …. I was talking to the ex husband of my best friends childhood friend. And, the reason they split up? He was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder. And, was actually out of work and could not hold a job. Funny … the little details people leave out of conversations and profiles.

As big as NYC is and the world, … it really is a small world where we are more interconnected than we realize. That can be a double edge sword.

Our paths cross and sometimes it is not until years later that we realize we have met people before.

Many years ago I met a very nice man. But, he did not fit into my immature list of what was important or what I wanted. Years later we ran into each other and I saw him in a whole new light … and with the eyes of someone who had matured, experienced many of lifes challenges and truly realized not only what I wanted but what was important. It was ashame. He was married. We exchanged niceties and said we would email … but we both knew we really wouldn’t. I walked away wondering … WHAT IF? … and I had already learned through life that the WHAT IF game was dangerous and non productive.

So, who knows, maybe I already met my future husband … and we just have to cross paths again through our ever growing large circle of friends and acquaintances.



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