Posted by: Shar & Mare | December 6, 2010

Hope, Faith and Dom Perignon

I work in advertising. We have many vendors who we work with throughout the year. They gift us with all sorts of goodies around the holidays – mainly because they want to continue being our vendors. Quite a few years ago one particularly generous (or maybe desperate…who knows) vendor gave everyone in the office a bottle of Dom Perignon. The Maserati of champagnes! It would have been nice to get an actual Maserati, but I guess they weren’t quite that enthused about working with us in the coming year. But still…champagne….drinkable Bling…cool. Being recently divorced, I decided that this hallowed bottle of bubbly would be saved for the wedding night of me and my soul-mate-to-be.

The cat sniff test

Has it turned to vinegar yet? Even the "cat sniff test" offers inconclusive results.

Many years later (more than one less than a hundred…sorry, that’s all you’re getting from me) The Dom lives in my kitchen cabinet, tucked securely behind the toaster. I ponder this bottle every time I make toast. I wonder if it’s turned to vinegar yet. I don’t know a lot about champagne, except that it will turn to vinegar – eventually. I also wonder why the freakin’ hell it’s taking so long to find “that guy”, that I actually have to wonder about the possible vinegar-ness of my Dom.

I’ve thought, on more than one occasion, that I was close to popping the cork. But something always let me know that he wasn’t the one. Am I too picky? Well, yes I’m picky – but I should be. I have a few girlfriends who’ve been married and divorced twice. Why? EVERY one of them says some variation of: “I married #2 because I just really wanted to be married again”. Every one of their second marriages…turned to vinegar. I just won’t settle for that.

So I go online, email, chat, meet, kiss some frogs, have some dates…and ….I have hope that one of those connections will be that life-long partner. I have faith that if I stay in the game, I’ll hit a home run with a warm, sweet guy who’s looking for the same things I am. And when we eventually commit to being each others one and only, we’ll celebrate by cracking open a bottle of vintage Dom Perignon.

Um..or…maybe we’ll share a romantic endive and walnut salad drenched in champagne vinaigrette.

Either way, it will be awesome..:)




  1. We say you open it and celebrate your fabulous single life. Marriage will come… but in the meantime, revel in your independence. 🙂

  2. Reveling..hmmm, I like that…LOL.

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