Posted by: Shar & Mare | December 13, 2010

Kiss and Tell

"The Kiss" - Auguste Rodin

Rodin's "The Kiss". Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about.

I was thinking about kissing the other day. Yes, sadly just thinking about it not doing it. Even so just the thought of kissing can bring a sparkle to the eye and a lilt to one’s step. Even the sound of the word is just so…so…soft and warm and inviting.

Kiss…Mmmm, doesn’t that sound just perfectly wonderful?

In the absence of actual lips to cozy up to I did what any self-respecting web-geek-girl would do. I googled it. There are 164,000,000 entries for the word kiss. The kiss has it’s own Wikipedia page which describes a kiss as: The act of pressing one’s lips against the lips or other body parts of another, which sounds sort of …well…freaking boring. Although the photo of Rodin’s The Kiss that’s posted on the page is trés sexy.

There’s also a site called devoted to the art of kissing, complete with how-to instructions. How to kiss with braces (I’m assuming on your teeth, not your legs or other limbs), how to French Kiss, as well as descriptions of the Vaccuum Kiss and the Lip-O-Suction Kiss. Or you can head over to the WikiHow kiss page for the Lip Lock Kiss, Platonic Kiss or Kiss of Worship.

So, there are descriptive titles for kisses….who knew. This sent me off on a trip down Kissing-Memories lane.

KissingI dated a boy in high school who was trying to develop a killer kissing repertoire – with me as the “crash test dummy” so to speak. He would try all sorts of odd little ear kisses and chin-nibbling things that I can only hope never went past the testing phase. He did this one thing (a personal favorite of his…not mine) where in mid lip-kiss he would put his mouth over my nose and blow air into my nose…he though this was drop dead sexy. “The Nose-Blow Kiss”…it was NOT sexy.

Years later I dated a man who’s idea of kissing was to latch onto my mouth…AND STAY THERE. That’s it, no tongue, teeth, gentle butterfly kisses, nuzzling. Just lips plastered to lips, not moving. I shall call this one “The Death Grip Kiss”.

Onto the internet dating years. A popular first-date kiss is the one that comes at the end of a getting-to-know-you first date. This is where he sort of leans in to kiss you, backs off (possibly to make sure that your hand isn’t flying in for a face-slap), leans in again, aims for your lips but actually lands sort of on the edge of your cheek. Maybe I should name this one “The Let’s Pretend We’re Twelve Years Old and Super-Awkward Kiss”, or “The Mis-Guided Missile Kiss”. I’m undecided…what do you think?

Then of course there’s my all-time favorite “The Oh Girl You’re In Trouble Kiss”. That’s the one that’s soft, sweet but sexy, a little dangerous and turns your knees to jello. Yeah….like that one.. a LOT.

But, enough about my lips, I want to hear about yours. Best kiss you ever got. Worst kiss. Most awkward kiss. Do you have titles for them??! Tell all please… I want details too.




  1. Worst kiss: a guy I went on one date with who basically liked my face leaving my mouth and lips all wet. He may have been trying to eat my face. Gross.

    Best kiss: I’ve had a few that are in competition for the top spot – but all were those “sexy, dangerous” kisses that knock you off your feet and leave you breathless.

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  3. Entertaining post. Thanks!

    Oh, although I found it amusing reading about your kisses, I don’t think I’d ever write about mine in a public place. I’m too private for that, probably because I come from a more traditional background than most. But thanks for sharing!

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