Posted by: Shar & Mare | December 17, 2010

Dating & Gift Giving – A Call for Advice

Calling all LifeBytes readers! I need your help.

Do I give a Christmas gift to the new guy I am dating? Giving something seems appropriate but am not sure what kind of gift to give? What to spend?

Not sure what to do and would appreciate your recommendations.

Background – nice person. Been on 7 dates over 2 months.

Now … my nature is to go overboard and be overly generous, so I have to curtail my initial instinct. Do I get a couple of joke type gifts and one nice item or several nice items?

Should I impose a limit on myself? Or, have a couple of back up gifts I bring out when I see what he gets me?

One friend told me I should just ASK him if we should exchange and should we have a limit. That is totally sensible but it seems wierd for me to ask something like that.

Please share your opinions. I need some guidance.

And, since it is the Christmas season and you may be looking for some interesting and personalized ideas for that special girl in your life. I would strongly suggest a custom soap goody bag from

They make beautiful baskets and their products are luxurious.
Actually, when the LifeBytes Fan Page reaches 100 subscribers, we are going to send a Reef Botanicals basket to a random winner and we are sure you will enjoy it. Sharon and I look forward to reaching 100 subscribers soon.

Thanks LifeBytes readers!

Mariann / Sharon



  1. My suggestion is to get 1 gift, not several, and I would make it a lighthearted one. Guys tend to read into presents for some odd reason and if you two aren’t very serious yet, you don’t want him to get any ideas. 😉 I would honestly get a nice card and then something silly that you know he’ll like. As lame as it sounds, I once gave a guy I had only gone out with a few times a Magic 8 Ball with some dorky note about it being the key to solving all of life’s problems ……. he thought it was great and he certainly couldn’t ‘read’ anything into it …… it was just fun ….

  2. I like your take on this. Odd, but I never thought about guys “reading into” gifts. I thought us gals were the only ones who did that!!

  3. LOL, no, guys are nuts too. 😀

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