Posted by: Shar & Mare | January 3, 2011

Dating Resolutions And Other Assorted Nonsense

Happy 2011 Everyone!

2011 Dating ResolutionsA new year, a new you…Today is the first day of the rest of your life…Start the year on a new note…Turn over a new leaf in the new year.

Okay, that sounds like the beginning of a bad weight loss or dating site commercial. Sorry! Enough of my platitudinous (is that a word?) nonsense.

Happy New Year to all our LifeBytes readers. Mariann and I would like to share some of our dating resolutions to you for the coming year. Please share and let us know yours too.

I resolve to Honor The Chemistry. I have a habit, when I meet a guy who obviously likes me A LOT, to go on a couple of dates with him even though I’m not quite as into him as he is into me. I always feel as if I should give chemistry time to grow…what can I say – the only thing I enjoyed about my High School sciences classes was watching mold spores grow in culture medium. Although the LIKE has grown for me with a few guys, the chemistry, sadly, has not. Then it just gets more difficult for me to tell a guy for whom the chemistry has grown that I’d rather be the dreaded “friends”. (Sharon smacks herself in the face, repeatedly, and utters) I must let these nice boys move on immediately so they can find a girl who sees them as more than a fascinating science project.

Conversely, when I meet some hottie who really dings my bell….but realize quickly that I’m not dinging anything of his any time soon, I need to move on immediately. I will not email, wait by the phone, wonder what if…I will keep movin’ on.

I would also like to resolve to lipo-suction my thighs to within and inch of their lives. Botox myself into frozen facial perfection, win a million dollars, buy a kick-ass couture wardrobe and travel the globe with a hot guy on each arm…OKAY, it’s a bit of a stretch. So, I’ll stick with the first two dating resolutions. Hey, it’s a start.


I resolve not to make any new years resolutions! So, there! OK, but as it pertains to dating … I think I have to be more discerning when it comes to reading profiles and reading between the lines. Filter them better, if you will.

There is always that fine line between dragging out the dating process with someone you are not sure you have the right chemistry with and cutting it short and not giving yourself enough time to see if you really like someone. I think 3 dates is a good cycle to come to this conclusion.

I actually started early with my New Year’s resolution and that was to be more emotionally available to the person I am dating and to eliminate the hurdles and fears that I bring along with someone who I think is “really nice.” I have to say it is working. I met a very nice guy and I realized that after 3 dates that I really like this person and want to see them more. And, I am making myself emotionally available, involving myself and not letting fear of committment disrupt a relationship that is turning into a great experience.

Really think about what it is you want to change or something you need to do differently, then implement the change and see what is working or not working and modify your resolution accordingly. If nothing works, just do what Sharon does … find reasons to disrobe and down a bottle of pinot grigio in record time.

Good Luck and we hope your resolutions work great!

Mariann & Sharon


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