Posted by: Shar & Mare | January 17, 2011

Thank You

I have been on dating sites since the internet first became commercial and sites like boasted hundreds of thousands of users vs. tens of millions of subscribers they do today.

Please … no comments … it has been a long decade.

I have met the good, bad and ugly! OK, well a lot more bad and ugly and very few good.

Through it all, I have remained hopeful. Hopeful that someone would show up that was nice and with whom I connected. Hopeful that the numbers would eventually play in my favor (that is the engineer in me … sorry). Hopeful that someday, God would smile upon me and I would meet someone I actually liked and would want to have a relationship with for the long term.

I have to say … I have met some very nice guys. I have had some nice relationships. I have developed friendships and creative partnerships with some of the people I met online. But, I have never made a long term love connection. There … I said it! I feel so much better now. Like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

In the past year, I have to say the quality of people I have met has increased. I did happen to meet someone who I find adorable … sweet … nice … intelligent … and funny. And, he can write complete sentences … and to this wordsmith … that is like hitting the lottery.

Part of me shakes my head and pinches my cheek (which actually hurts) … and I wonder if I am hallucinating. I cannot believe I actually met someone online with whom I am not only attracted to … but enjoy being with.

I like to think it is the divine intervention of God and my mother having giggles over tea and some Irish soda bread in heaven.

Look, I don’t know if this is going to last or go anywhere … but what I like and appreciate is that this person just seems to get me. I am a bit quirky … a bit reserved … a bit sarcastic … and yet they seem to see the person underneath. That intrigues me to be honest. Why them? Why now? I can’t answer that. But, I know I like it and am happy that finally I met someone I can be myself with … sarcastic / funny / sweet / smart / silly / deliberating / dumb … and blond!

I always thought that reindeer were not real animals … that they were some fictional cartoon animal. Much to surprise a few years ago when I likened an unicorn to a reindeer, I was stopped in my tracks and told that yes, reindeer really do exist. WOW. What a revelation to me. I told this to my nice male suitor … and he laughed and appreciated that in between my sarcasm and intelligence is room for a silly blond. I find that endearing.

I feel hopeful about relationships … connections … love … and that online dating might just actually work. This person sees beyond the 25 pounds I have to lose and the short fat fingers I inherited from my father and the reserved conservative I like to claim to be … and sees someone who is worthy and deserving of sincere feelings. And, … I like that. It makes me feel happy and I like feeling happy.

Like I said, I don’t know where this is going … but the fact that brought us together … gives me a reason to thank … an online dating service who all they did was provide the venue to post your pics and profile and search engine for other like minded singles.

Thank you

Thanks to the LifeBytes Readers for letting me ramble!




  1. You give all us single girls hope!!

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