Posted by: Shar & Mare | February 2, 2011

Q & A: Maybe you should keep a Blood Alcohol tester on hand!

I went out with this girl who was beautiful and funny and smart. The complete package. Unfortunately, she got totally wasted on our first date. I don’t know if it is nerves or if she has a problem. I had to take her home where her roommate took over. I really liked this girl but am not sure if I should even pursue it. She called to apologize and said she had not eaten all day and was completely embarrassed.

Mariann is very embarrassed by that episode and wants me to extend another apology to you. Seriously though, she could have a drinking problem … or not. You can’t really tell from one date. I once went to a boyfriend’s office holiday party … hadn’t eaten all day … was sitting at a table of people “talking shop”. What can I say, I just kept sipping away at the wine and, although I didn’t do anything wild or embarrassing at the party, I don’t remember the ride home. My BF thought it was funny and told me that I was “cute” when I was drunk, but of course he knew me well enough by then to know that this wasn’t a regular occurrence in my life.

This is why it’s so important to take your time in getting to know a new girl (or guy). If you like her then take her out again, but keep your eyes open. If she continually drinks a bit too much then it’s time to cut bait and run. If not … well, I wish you both the best in your new relationship.

Thanks for outing me on that date Sharon – I thought I had told you to keep it confident! LOL

This girl could have a drinking problem, or did in fact not eat much and combine that with nervous and you get a wasted date. I would accept her apology. Ask her out again and monitor her intake. We can all imbibe a bit too much at times … but you don’t do that on a first date. If you notice a pattern, then at least you gave it a try … and run as fast as you can to your next online date. You don’t need a person with alot of


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