Posted by: Shar & Mare | February 21, 2011

Tomorrow Me

We have a guest post today from relationship expert Maryanne Comaroto. Visit her site for great advice and be sure to tune into her live radio show at Also check out Maryanne’s interview at the Huffington Post!

What would you do, what would you give, to have your very own personal life coach, someone who was with you all the time and who knew your values and goals inside and out? This person would be there to guide you and advise you, showing you the path to your highest self and pointing out the unhelpful patterns in your life that are holding you back. They would keep track of your thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions, and respond accordingly to help you make the most appropriate decisions possible. Sounds too good to be true? Well it’s not, and the good news is, your personal guide is already living inside you – it’s your tomorrow me.

Now, you’re probably thinking the same thing I thought when I first heard this term: my what? But it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Your tomorrow me is the version of you that represents the you of tomorrow (and next week and next month and so forth), and it keeps track of all the decisions you make and all the things you do and think and say. When your tomorrow me sees something going amiss, it steps in to try to assist you in thinking things through and making the best possible choices for the life you want to lead.

I first discovered my tomorrow me when I was doing something that at the time was common for me: avoiding housework. I looked at the clutter around the house that procrastinating me had been successfully ignoring for more than a week, and just when I had decided to put it off another day, a little voice piped up and said, “excuse me, but do you really think your tomorrow me wants to have to deal with this mess you’re leaving?” I responded immediately to the tone of that internal voice – my tomorrow me meant business.

Since then I have kept her by my side as a constant guide, and she has never failed to give me the best advice at every turn. In addition to showing me what sorts of things I’m doing that will affect my future, she also helps illuminate the past so that I can more clearly see the unhelpful patterns that do not serve me well now, and will not serve me well later. Whether or not you listen to your tomorrow me is up to you, but I can show you how to get in contact with that voice so you can at least start getting acquainted.

*The best way to meet your tomorrow me is to ask. Sit in your room, close your eyes, and ask to have your tomorrow me revealed to you, the part of you that has your best interests in mind and will guide you to day in order to pave a better way for tomorrow. Sit and listen quietly until you can note any feelings or thoughts that arise.

*Make sure you know what you want your tomorrow me to do. A list can be helpful; write down all the areas of your life that could be improved with the help of your tomorrow me. It could be specific things like how to deal with a certain friendship or what to do about a dilemma you’ve been facing, or it could be something more general like career advice or help with dating.

*Don’t just connect with your tomorrow me whenever you need something – treat it like any other relationship that needs to be nurtured. Check in at least once a day to find out how you are doing, and what you could be doing better!

*Sound guidance deserves rewards, so don’t forget to show your tomorrow me your gratitude! A quick treat or even just some well-deserved relaxation tame is all it takes to say thanks for all the extra energy and balance you’ll be enjoying in your life!

*Don’t approach your tomorrow me as if you expect a drill sergeant. Your tomorrow me is more like a sibling or a parent, protecting and looking out for your best interests.

Your relationship with your tomorrow me will be one of the most enlightening ones in your entire life, so once you establish it, don’t let it go!



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