Posted by: Shar & Mare | March 7, 2011

We’ll Have Tons of Fun in Single Hell

Yes, I’m sure that I’ll be going to “Single Hell” when I die. Why? Because I’m a tad snarky when I blog about the Love Interwebz…sometimes….and I’m a FAN of online dating. I’ve met some great guys online, my niece is marrying someone she met online, so there are surely positives about the whole cyber-dating thing.

Of course there are also frustrating, weird, too-overtly-sexual-for-me, sad, and sometimes cruel things that happen online. It’s the fire you have to walk through to reach the romantic sunset.

And this is why singles love (actually NEED) to vent and talk and blog about some of the oddballs we meet online. There are times when we become oddballs ourselves in the online dating wars….Did I actually say/do THAT on a date? WHAT was I thinking?

This is why Mariann and I started the LifeBytes, Real Stories project. Singletons from around the globe have stories to tell and experiences to vent about. It’s how we keep our sanity and senses of humor intact while cruising for love.

On the blog The Absurd And Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl, the author writes about some of the most bizarre late-night dating IM’s EVER in “I’m Pretty Sure I’ll Be Going To Hell For This”. Her verbatim scripts from a horny college student, a conflicted dude who can’t tell a compliment from a criticism, and more had me laughing and…sort of cringing…because I’ve had my share of over-the-top online exchanges. And OH YES…I blogged about them. This is why I’ll surely be consigned to Dating Hell when I shuffle off this mortal coil of coffee dates.

But it’s OK…I’ll be in the great company of other singles. Guys and gals who can regale with stories from the dating trenches. Stories of wackadoo emails and IM’s from the comedy trenches, and tales of coffee dates gone to the dogs.

What’s you’re favorite “out-there” tale from the interwebz of online dating? Please tell …you can join us in Hell….where we’ll be consigned to “speed-date” for the rest of eternity! Muaaaahahahahaha…



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