Posted by: Shar & Mare | March 24, 2011

Q & A: Finding The Perfect Dating Site

Where's the right Online Dating site for me?Question:
I’ve been divorced for about a year and I would really like to have a nice woman in my life again. I thought I’d try online dating but when I Googled dating sites I got HUNDREDS of them. I’m really confused now. How do I find a good site to join? Should I join only one or many?

I can understand your dilemma. There seems to be as many online dating sites as there are singles using them. The trick is to understand what you ultimately want from these sites (casual fling, long-term dating, marriage, etc.) and then find the site that has like minded people on it, as well as a site that you feel comfortable in navigating.

So, to that end, here’s a brief rundown. Some of the bigger, more popular sites are,,, and Match and Perfect Match will let you browse without joining so you can get a sense of the women on these sites. eHarmony and Chemistry require you to fill out lengthy personality tests (the better to match you with my dear!). These two sites also don’t let you “surf” through profiles, they send matches to you based on your personality. So, narrow these down. Do you want to let the site do the work and send you matches? Then try Chemistry or eHarmony. Are you the independent type, who likes to search on your own? Then you’re a Match or Perfect Match kind of guy.

If you have a particular interest or lifestyle then you can also look into sites targeted to your particular interests., are both religion based dating sites (although you don’t have to be of that particular religion to join). is dedicated to singles who are fitness and athletic enthusiasts. There are many more lifestyle type sites, just google your particular focus and you’ll find them.

One site or many? My personal feeling is that you should start with one main-stream site and then, when you become more comfortable with the online dating process, try one of the other main-stream sites or even a niche site. Good luck with your upcoming dating adventures!

Don’t get overwhelmed. There are many sites just like there are many guys to choose from. I tend to favor dating sites that charge something to join. If you can peruse the database for free — that is fine. But free sites tend to draw a lot of married people or someone looking for an odd situation. Having to pay per month filters a group of cheap or ill-intentioned suitors.

I like — I have met some very nice men on match. And you can certainly pick your criteria. I am not a fan of sites where you have so many stages of communication people lose interest or don’t have the time to keep track. And, for those with a specific bent on life — whether that is religion, activities, charity — definitely give one of them a try. I have tried and and have met nice people on both sites. Give these sites 3 months. If they are not working for you … then try another site and see how it goes. Let us know which site works best for you.


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