Posted by: Shar & Mare | March 28, 2011

The Repetitive Wink

wink. wink. wink. winkYou go to your inbox only to find that MagicManLovesYou has winked at you. You are flattered that someone liked your profile or how you looked. You check his profile and realize he is not for you. You don’t wink back.

A few weeks later, yet another wink. Again, from MagicManLovesYou. Again, you don’t respond. Maybe he forgot he winked at you.

A month later, your inbox shows you have a message waiting. It is from MagicManLovesYou. But this time he has emailed you and said that he likes your profile and thinks your smile is cute and would like to hear back. You realize that perhaps you were impolite and should let him know you are not interested.

You click on the “thanks, but …. ” and an auto response is sent. At least he knows.

3 weeks later, another email arrives from MagicManLovesYou. He writes as if he has never contacted you. You realize that perhaps you need to be more clear. You write him an email and say, “Thank you for your wink and email. But, I am not sure we are a great match but I wish you the best of luck in your search.”

That is clear. He will understand and stop emailing you.

One month later, you get a WINK from MagicManLovesYou. You shake your head and then start to wonder if he even remembers who he winks or if someone rejects him. You email again and say, “You have winked and emailed repeatedly. I appreciate your interest but I am not interested and would appreciate it if you not email or wink me again. I appreciate it.”

The winks and emails stop. Thankfully.

Six months later, you open your email and see, you guessed it … a WINK from MagicManLovesYou. Is he serious you think? Apparently. Is he stalking you? Doesn’t he read or get the message? How does he not remember? Maybe he just gets that many rejections he can’t remember who was sent a “Thanks, But … ”

At this point … what to do? you wonder. Well. I would block him and move on.

I do know someone who relented and did go out with the person who kept winking and emailing. It did not have a good result. So, follow your gut feeling and don’t let anyone stalk you and if they are that forgetful, just take the actions so you are not bothered again.

Has something similar happened to you? We want to hear!




  1. Haha, that was a good read, maybe he felt that you and he were soulmates.

    • The gullible person in me would like to believe that. The pessimist in me thinks they are just stupid, not paying attention or are old & forgetful! LOL

  2. I have never understood that and it happens quite a bit. I actually had somebody with whom I was e-mailing, he fell off the face of the earth and then he winked at me a couple months later?? Sometimes I think they are doing the “wink shuffle” and don’t even care to see who they are winking at. If you change your profile at all, you get thrown back at the top of searches as new meat and a lot of guys wink at everybody new. The more sh%! you throw at the wall, the more that will stick.

    • That is funny as I have experienced that too. I don’t think they track them on probably go on wink steriods and just wink at everyone. I give some an A for consistency. But, an F in getting the message that one is not interested.

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