Posted by: Shar & Mare | April 25, 2011

Remembering an “OMG – What?” Moment!

First off, I love the name … Lifebytes. Sometimes, it does bite … but usually, I like to take a bite out of life. OK< so enough of the corny comments.

I was thinking the other day about all the dates I have been on. Some are head shakers for sure!! I can’t believe some of them … but it is me … so I should not be surprised.

I met this guy for drinks in NYC. He was OK looking. But, I was looking for substance.  So, I gave a sort of pass on the looks.  He was barely “attractive.”  I had high expectations. I was looking for nice and interesting and someone with character and humor. So, I walked into the cozy bar and he was there … standing … obvious … so I knew right away.

The conversation started … well, badly.  The first thing he said to me was, “Oh, I thought you were 5’2″ … you seem a lot shorter.”  I don’t know why I stayed … maybe it was a form of repentance for something bad I did that I don’t remember … but I did stay.

He was English. I am Irish. He then embarked on a completely insulting tirade about the Irish and said that if he knew that I was 100% irish, he never would have agreed to meet me.

Did I mention that I did not meet this man because of his looks? I was going for substance.?

He had neither. His tirade was disrespectful and my cue to leave … but not without giving him a little piece of my Rebel Irish mind.

Have you ever regretted going on a date ? Or staying when you know it was far from a love match?

We love hearing your experiences. Please share.



  1. Errmmm wow! He sounds like a total peach! You have more patience than I!

  2. How rude! At least you’ve dated him already so that’s over with 🙂
    I can’t remember any dates that I regret, although there where many that were less than fun… I do regret a relationship I was in which is worse… shouldn’t have done it, knew so, did it anyway and payed the price…

  3. Many thanks for the comments ladies. I like to think that these odd-ball dates just make us better and smarter in the long run. Live and learn, right?

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