Posted by: Shar & Mare | May 23, 2011

Is Perfection Perfect?

OK. So in my mind, I think I am perfect. But, the raw truth is that I am not perfect … as much as I would like to convice myself of the contrary. I am a perfectionist and I seek perfection in others. So, why am I disappointed when others are not perfect? People in glass houses can’t throw stones. Am I holding onto unreal expectations and in essence setting others up to fail so that when something goes wrong, I have a very good reason to walk away from somone or something?

Please. Please. Don’t all yell out your answers at once. LOL

I have my faults and yet I want people to forgive me of those.

Don’t we all have something wrong with us in one way or another?

Yes, there are certain things I won’t put up with … violence, abuse, cheapness, no manners, lying and no ambition.

What is perfection? Are we talking about physical? Intelligence? Character? Integrity?
Someone corresponded with me and he confided about something physical. To me … It was exterior and not important. It was not an indicator of what was inside the person.

To not write back or dismiss him would certainly be shallow and callous and why should I penalize someone for something beyond their control? One could say I don’t meet their height limit (out of my control) and therefore they don’t want to meet me. I would get mad and insulted and wonder what kind of a jerk they were for looking at something so superflous.

I had a realization that I too was not really perfect. Who is? I chose to get to know a person who had a nice perspective on life, a good sense of humor, a cute smile, and a nice heart. Maybe whatever he dealt with in life, is what gave him strength and confidence and courage and the ability to look into one’s heart. I hope he can look past my one imperfection (ok, ok … some of my imperfections).

We met. He is a very nice man and I only see a nice, confident and decent human being.

Perfection is all subjective.

Is there something that is a deal breaker for you?
Is perfection over rated?
And, does our desire for perfection only lead to inevitable disappointment?
I think a good heart, humor and integrity are the most important things a person can have.
But, let me know your thoughts.



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