Posted by: Shar & Mare | July 25, 2011

Pickup lines you should NEVER use…

This video is a hoot! Can’t say I’ve ever been the victim recipient of one of these lines myself…thankfully. Although one man staggered up to me at a bar once and said “Cun I be you dinneh?” followed by a loud burp. I think he was offering to buy me dinner. He was so potted I probably could have scored a sweet Surf n’ Turf meal with all the fixins, without having to converse with the sot for long as he was just about at the passing out point. I chose to take the high road though and answered him in my best nonsense-language: “Neh, ma no unger n u un ijit” (translation: NO, I’m not hungry and you’re an idiot). He grinned, or maybe it was more gas – I’ll never know, said “K, tanks” and staggered away.

Anyway, here’s the vid…enjoy. Or, if you will “ears da vud, joy”.


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