Posted by: Shar & Mare | November 7, 2011

Have A “Do Something” Weekend

I love surprises. I love doing things that are not mundane. I have diverse interests and like to feed my creative, intellectual and cultural soul by participating in a multitude of activities.

Life seems to always be operating in the fast lane. And that gets tiresome. It is important for all of us to STOP, take a break, reconnect, have some fun and laughs and make sure you create fun and memorable times together to further the bond between you.

Usually, someone has to take the lead. Yes, my friends have nicknamed me “Julie McCoy” (Activities Director, Love Boat, Circa 1970s) for my event and party planning capabilities. And, just because I am good at it does not necessarily mean I want to take the lead (all the time). I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate someone planning an outing, doing the work and ensuring it is executed correctly. It goes back to that balance that all relationships need.

Last year, I realized I had not seen one of my brothers and their family much in the past year and I knew they were going through a busy and stressful time. I want to give them a diversion that would be fun, relaxing and memorable. So, I embarked on planning a weekend that would bring us together for what I called a “DO SOMETHING” weekend.

I made everything a surprise and planned envelopes with hints of what was coming next and made up goody bags with funny things that were indicative of that person or the experience they were about to have. At dinner that night I revealed to them that everyone was having a SPA DAY and my brother and his wife were getting a 4 hour couples retreat to be topped off with a dinner at our resorts 4 star Steakhouse
OK, yes this was a bit extravagant, but I had just made a little extra money and felt I could splurge. But, you don’t have to spend oodles of money to have fun or make something memorable.

My family got a respite, had fun, relaxed and have memories for a lifetime. It is a weekend we look back with smiles and say, “We should have another DO SOMETHING weekend.” And we will.

This same premise can be applied to family or love relationships.
So, … go ahead … plan a DO SOMETHING weekend and tell us about it!




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