Posted by: Shar & Mare | November 14, 2011

10 Simple Things To Make Your Mate Feel Special

How to plan a date!

Describing Love

It is easy to become complacent. I have and I hate it. So, I like it when I force myself or someone forces me out of complacency and makes me use my creative side and think of ways to keep a relationship fresh and interesting and fun … all with the goal of making them feel special.

Here are 10 simple ideas for ways to make your mate feel special:

1. Simple Simple Simple – Bring 1 long stemmed rose on your next date. If your amour is allergic to flowers … a chocolate rose is always a great substitute.

2. For one week running, send your love e-cards with different messages from funny to sexy.

3. If you have the key to their apartment, go over and prepare a meal and have the table all set and the meal ready for a “dining in” experience. They will appreciate being catered to and not having to cook. Oh yea, and a chocolate cake dessert never hurts.

4. Do they have a favorite movie? Or have they never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Find an old theater that runs old movies and take them for an old fashioned evening out … movie … ice cream … and it is up to you how you end the evening 😉

5. Does your mate have a favorite singer or band? Find out where they are playing and surprise them by taking them for a fun night out.
6. Had a stressful day? Love a massage? Get some candles and massage oil and treat your love to a soothing or even sensual foot or body massage!

7. Is your mate running around so much with work and life’s commitments, they can’t seem to find the time to get their apartment clean? Surprise them and get their apartment cleaned. They will love that you were considerate enough to see a need and fill it when they needed it most.

8. Have a bouquet of flowers sent to the office with a sexy note attached.

9. Make up a CD of your mates favorite music. Yes, they can download the songs from iTunes, but that is not the point. When your mate plays the CD, it will make them think of you and realize how lucky they are!

10. Is there a restaurant or activity your love interest has always wanted to do but has not ?— well, now is the time to make it happen.



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