Posted by: Shar & Mare | December 26, 2011

Death By Text

I hate the phone. I am in sales and yes, I hate the phone. Those people who are in sales will understand what I mean. I spend way too many hours with a phone connected to my ear. And some days at work I am “Conference Called to Death.”

I love to talk, but I hate talking on the phone. This is bad, I think, for a relationship because you can rely too heavily on text and email. I know I do. Words are easy for me and I prefer my expression to be in the written word rather than verbal.

But, when you connect on the phone and hear the person’s voice and can hear things in their voice that you cannot get from a text or email, I think it is better.

Some people are great on the phone and others are not. There are certain days when I can talk up a storm and other days where I am so focused or have things to do, the last thing I want to do is talk … much less on the phone.
In my last relationship, we barely spoke on the phone. We texted and emailed and saw each other in person. And that was fine, but yes, I think there is a certain bonding and connection that happens when you ensure you talk to each other.

It is a lesson learned for me. Also, I find men much prefer to talk on the phone than text or email. So, for future relationships I am going to try very hard to rely more on personal and interactive communication than the 1-Dimensional text or email.

If I didn’t like to write so much, perhaps it would force me into a more interactive method of communicating. But, I will balance out the next relationship and do a better job on the personal communication.



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