Posted by: Shar & Mare | March 5, 2012

The Real Cost Of Dating

Thought this week I’d share an InfoGraphic (I’m a designer, I LOVE infographics) with you, on the real cost of dating. Thanks to for this:'s "The Real Cost Of Dating"



  1. Cred Card debt over 5,000 would cause some people to re-evaluate the relationship? Seriously??? When was the last time any one these people dated? 2002? 5K is NOTHING.

    This is one of those bogus urban legend type discussions. It’s like when women say they want to know how many women their guy has slept with because they “need to know.” Will they re-evaluate? Sure. But the won’t leave them. It’s just a waste of mental energy.

    • Yeah, I thought that stat was a bit strange. I’d also be curious to see how many men and women actually responded to this “survey”. Could have been just five people from’s marketing department…LOL

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