Posted by: Shar & Mare | March 12, 2012

It’s Date-cation Time!

My subscription has just run out and I’m going to wait a few weeks before renewing it because I need a short break, a Date-Cation. I’ve done this before. I always approach online dating with a positive attitude and freshly-pressed sense of humor, otherwise it can become a chore and also a bit depressing. So when online dating starts to feel stressful rather than fun, I find it useful to take a little break to recharge my batteries and maybe spend a Sunday afternoon or two reading a good book instead of endless dating profiles. It’s refreshing really.

I realized I needed this break last week when I sat down to answer a reply in my Match in-box and couldn’t think of a thing to write to this man…nothing…nada, and I can always come up with at least a sentence or two. The last time I knew I had dating burnout was when I found myself anticipating an online date, not because I wanted to meet the GUY, but because I knew I was going to bring my dinner leftoveers home with me and was really looking forward to having nice restaurant leftovers for the next day. That was a really BAD case of burnout.

So right now my profile is hidden and I have a great book loaded up in my Nook. I’ll read, go out with the girls, maybe pamper myself with a nice spa day too. And eventually I’ll start to feel as if I can write a coherent reply to a nice man’s email again. And when I can tell an online dating story to a friend which sounds charming and funny and not like a depressive lament, then I’ll know I’m ready to get back in the saddle again. It’s important to be in the right frame of mind and spirit for dating because mixed in with all the wacko’s and serial daters, there are nice men to be found online. These are the ones I seek out and they deserve to meet the best of me, not the burnt-out me.

…Aaaannnd, my nephew’s wedding is coming up and I have the slinkiest, sexiest (definitely NOT Aunt-Of-The-Groom) dress to wear, so I’ll have an awesome new pix to post too…:) Yes, I’ll be back with a BANG!




  1. As a “professional dater,” or so it seems, I’m all for the break. They way you need to take a rest between sets when lifting weights, you also need to take a break between date at times.

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