Posted by: Shar & Mare | March 19, 2012

Will The Real Profile Picture, Please Stand Up

I ventured back on recently and found a profile that interested me. I clicked on the pics and found myself puzzled. The pics did not seem to match. The person looked completely different in both pics. In one, very appealing and in the other heavier with less hair and like a country bumpkin. I switched back and forth between the 2 pics and neither of them looked like the other. They represented two different people. It was sort of weird. I figured the uglier pic was the more accurate and moved on. Yes, I know, I know … that is very shallow. But, if there was no chemistry with at least the photo, I had little hope for the real thing. Sorry for being honest.

In yet another, I clicked on the 2 pics and in one photo the guy had a full head of hair. In the other, he was bald. Now, whereas I love a full head of hair on a guy, I am also attracted to bald men. So, not having hair was an issue. The issue is — which pic is accurate? Either you have hair or you don’t. This is pretty simple.

My friends joke that I need to update my pics. Yes I do. But, at least in all of them, my smile does not change much and I have my hair.

My advice to people is to make sure your pics reflect what you look like so there are no surprises when meeting in person or having to experience subsequent rejections. It will be easier on everyone involved. Trust me!!

Share any similar experiences where the reality differed from what was presented on the person’s profile.



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