Posted by: Shar & Mare | March 29, 2012

The Bet, A Love Story

The first time the Girl saw the Boy, she was five years old and he was the ripe old age of nine. It was at the dancing school where the Girl studied with her best friend, the Boy’s sister.

Over the years the Boy and Girl would glimpse one another, usually at a dance recital. And when the Boy was much, much older he went off to serve his country overseas, and she didn’t see him at all.

But the Boy returned home eventually and resumed his life of girls, friends and fun. The Girl thought nothing of this until one day, the Boy’s sister called her.

“Would you do me a favor and go on a date with my stupid brother?”, she asked.

“He made a bet with his even stupider friends that he could bring a different girl to the bar they hang out in every Saturday night for ten weeks. Well, dopey ran out of girls and he has one week left to win his dumb bet. He wanted to know if I had any friends I could fix him up with.” she explained.

“All you have to do is show up with him at this bar so he can win his bet. If you pack an overnight bag then you can come back to our house and you and I will have a sleepover.”

That sounded easy, thought the Girl, and it would be fun to spend the night with her girlfriend too. So, it shouldn’t be toooo bad. So she agreed, and plans were made.

Years later, the Girl would say of that night, “When he picked me up and saw the overnight bag I packed he thought he was going to get lucky. Boy, was he ever wrong!” And the Boy would say, “She was so shy, she wouldn’t have said shit if she’d had a mouthful of it.”

But something shined when they were together, so there was a second date, and a third, and even after they’d been married for many, many years and had become parents to four children and grandparents to nine, they still had “date night” on Saturday’s.

When the Girl, my Mom, became ill, my Dad tended to her as best he could, still calling her his “Bride”. He guarded her fiercely, loved her always..for eight hard years. And when she passed on, my Dad was heartbroken, relieved that his Girl was no longer in pain, but still heartbroken at the loss of his soulmate.

And we are all heartbroken with him over this loss, but we also know that their love story goes on in our lives and our children’s lives because we were taught to love, to love well and fully by the Girl and her Boy.

(Love you Mom!)



  1. Great story Sharon. It made me cry! I know the loss is raw but the memories will comfort you and remain alive in your heart. You are a good friend and I am blessed to know you and be friends with you. Your parents did a great job! You are a beautiful testament to their love and everything they did right. Hang in there kiddo! Hugs N Luv, Mariann

  2. […] It turned out to be a slightly longer break than I’d intended. My Mom’s health took a turn for the worse and we lost her. The last thing I felt like doing was pretend to be sparkling and witty on a date. She and my Dad had been married for fifty-seven years. How’s THAT for a real love story? […]

  3. […] on this Spring and my siblings, my dad and I are still feeling the loss. I was always in awe of the love story she and my dad shared. I’ve often thought that they were a tough act to follow in the “finding your […]

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