Posted by: Shar & Mare | April 18, 2012

Why Is That Man Sucking On A Fish?

I’ve noticed an alarming (Well, to me anyway) trend in online dating profile pictures. Where once I would find a smiling headshot and perhaps a full-length shot or two (one in jeans or something equally casual and maybe one in a suit, i.e. “See, I clean up good”), I’m now finding a slew of obviously posed action shots. Are they meant to tell a story? I’m assuming, yes.

I’ve concluded that the theme of this story is “I may be over 40, but I’m not in a wheelchair yet, baby”. Recently, on one profile alone, I found pictures of this man swimming, skiing, riding a dirt bike, golfing, and doing something that looked like jogging. Wow, it made me wonder when this person found time to date!

I’ve seen many a profile lately with at least one or two photos of the profile writer doing something athletic, usually outdoors, along with a lengthy description of how “in shape” he is and how he’s looking for a “physically active” partner, or someone who enjoys “outdoor activities”. Seriously? I may just be getting too cynical for my own good but all I can picture is meeting this man, going on a single hike or boat outing with him and then discovering he really prefers sitting in front of the TV. C’mon, you’re thinking that too, right?

But wait…there’s more.

Just the other day I saw a photo of a man in his tennis outfit (which was obviously from the 1980’s…OH those short shorts!!) swinging a racket…IN HIS LIVING ROOM. It was a very messy living room too. The clutter covering his couch was enough of a deal breaker for me, the tennis getup was just the icing on the cake of my rejection…LOL

But wait…there’s even more.

Flipping through some profiles, I almost gagged when I saw a (very out-of-focus) shot of a man sucking on a large shiny, metallic looking thing. My reaction was “DEAR GOD! I HOPE THAT’S A TROUT”. Sometimes prayers are answered. On second glance I saw that it was indeed a large fish and he was actually holding it up and kissing it. I will take the high road and assume he was just celebrating a big catch.

I won’t even get into the picture of that guy on OK Cupid, dressed in pink baby doll pajamas….that one almost gave me stress-induced glaucoma.

So, I need to know, are you finding more and more off-the-wall pictures of guys trying too hard, or sharing TMI about their personal peccadilloes with their photos? Maybe it’s just me, with my knack for finding the bizarre, but I hope not.




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