Posted by: Shar & Mare | May 9, 2012

The Art Of Conversation

With the advances of electronics in our daily communication, we have lost the art of just conversing. I love that word – conversing – and I love the word chuckle too. But, I digress.

We all fall victim to the texting and email and don’t actually just talk. I know I have and it did not serve the relationship well.

Recently, I have been very frustrated by my online communications. Men write 1-2 sentences. They don’t ask questions. They don’t keep the conversation going. Why is this? They answer what you have asked and they hit SEND. Please guys – can’t you have a little more creativity than to write, “yes, I like Broadway plays. I made soup for dinner but am tired and have to go to bed and will email later.” Really? That’s the best you can do? Really? Just another sentence … just one more to say, “I hope you had a nice week and did you have fun or do anything special. Look forward to hearing from you.” Not much more effort, but it shows you are interested and want to keep the communication going.

It makes me wonder if they are interested or are communicating with so many different people that they can only write 1 sentence per email.

Even when you meet in person, I have one MAJOR issue with my conversations with MEN. They do not ASK questions. I don’t understand why? It’s so simple. Are they incapable? Are they so self-absorbed that they don’t think outside their own world?

Conversation has a purpose. It is to share about yourself AND find out about the other person. Show some interest … it will take you a long way.

If some of our male readers could enlighten me as to why they don’t ask questions, I would love to understand. Please share!




  1. so true! to answer your question…yes, i think they are interested in you via profile but also yes to they are responding to so many other online daters out there and one generic sentence is all they can muster. the true test is when you got them live… if they only talk about themselves, then move on. only few will pass the “it’s not all about me” test! btw: how’s your week been? aren’t you glad it’s friday? :o)

  2. Oh yes! A sure sign that a date is really into you is when they’re totally absorbed in what you have to say about yourself, life and personal history…and then of course YOU are also totally absorbed in what they have to say about themselves…these are the conversations that can last well into the night..and the ones we remember the most!

  3. […] us to each update our FB statuses over dinner. I am not a big user of FB and I think having a real conversation is more important than checking a […]

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