Posted by: Shar & Mare | May 23, 2012

When To Change Your Profile

Should I change my profile?I have been on for quite a while. I have the same username and same profile information. I have not changed it since forever. Of course, I think it is funny, witty, sharp and accurate. But everything becomes stale after a while.

I have not followed my own advice, but if you are on a site for more than 18 months, I think it is good to re-evaluate what you are sharing and see if anything should be added or deleted or changed. We all change over time and may want different things and it is important our profile reflect that and be accurate.

What is the worst case scenario? You go back to what you had. But, you may find it provides an uptick in positive responses or a different kind of person answering your ad.

My profile name was meant to be humorous and is somewhat accurate but I think I need to change that as well. Maybe “sunshineANDrainbows” … wonder if it’s taken. Or maybe it is just nauseatingly sweet and annoying. Please, feel free to chime in and offer suggestions for a new username.

I tend to be long winded. My profile is pretty long. It is a little tongue and cheek but does get into the meat of who I am and what I am looking for. But, I think I need to look at myself from a different perspective and show a new and more abbreviated version of who I am.

A year or so ago, Sharon asked all her friends for input about who she is and her qualities good or bad as she was re-writing her profile. Well, my mother always told me that if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all. I did not reply to Sharon!! LOL. Kidding. I think I replied ☺I am tempted but to be honest, I may be somewhat afraid of what my friends would say. They love to point out my imperfections and foibles – even though they claim it is charming – but I am wondering if their input would really help me in writing a new profile.

Maybe I will try a new wording of my profile and if I do not see an uptick I will follow in Sharon’s shoes and ask my friends. Sharon – you better reply!!

In the meantime, if you have any usernames I should consider, please email me!



  1. Great point above!…feel free to send me link to your profile and I’ll put in my 2cents (I do it for my singles all the time)… don’t worry, I’m not a creeper :o)

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