Posted by: Shar & Mare | May 30, 2012

What Part of “Call Me First” Are You Not Understanding?

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from full-out online dating. Not a total break though, I have a profile on OK Cupid. What the heck…it’s free. Once in a while I’ll skim through and see if there’s anyone interesting but not often, I am after all on a date-cation.

I have been contacted by a handful of men there though, and one of these actually looked promising. He was in my age bracket, lived within a reasonable distance had a job, nice photos and profile so I saved him to my “favorites” folder, thinking I would send him an email once my brain was back from Date-cation and not sipping mental MaiTai’s on some exotic fantasy beach.

But then he emailed me. “Hi”, that was it….Hi. I was feeling up to something challenging that day so I sent him a note, pointing out the things I liked about his profile and asking a few questions to …you know…pry the cat off his tongue. I ended with “Do you prefer emailing or talking on the phone?”. Here was his reply:

“Sure lets talk by phone.”

Followed shortly thereafter by:

“Let’s have some fun and drinks :)”

My reply was on the lines of “LOL…I really prefer to talk before meeting. Here’s my phone number (and I gave him my cell number), give me a call. I added a PS: BTW, what’s your NAME?

His reply: “John”.

This was followed by NOTHING, no call, no emails, nothing. Then, five weeks later….yes FIVE weeks…on a Friday evening while out at the theater with some friends I get a text from an unknown number

“How are you?”

Seriously, that’s all it stated. I texted back, “I’m fine…WHO are you”. The rest of the texts went like this:

“It’s John, from OK Cupid. Are you near Westwood right now?”

“No, I’m somewhere else.”

“Are you on a date?”

The performance was starting, so I turned my phone off. I was wondering if he thought I’d just up and meet him…after I said I really prefer talking first? I suspected yes, that’s what he assumed.

After the show I sent him a message: “I’m out with friends and nowhere near Westwood.”

I considered adding something snotty but realized it would probably be lost on a man who can’t grasp a simple statement like “I prefer to talk on the phone FIRST”.

I’m still on a date-cation.

Sharon (sips her MaiTai and waves goodbye)



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