Posted by: Shar & Mare | June 13, 2012

This Is Harder Than Bathing Suit Shopping

I know, not many things are harder than shopping for a new bathing suit, but finding new headshots for your online dating profile is surely on that short list.

As I’m preparing to dive back into, I’m editing my profile to reflect what’s currently going on in my life and gathering new photos to post. I’m of the opinion that one should update at least their main headshot every six months or so, and I usually do that. But I’ve been off the site for a month or two now and want to go back with a full new set of pix…and it’s HARD to find just the right shots.

I know that the photos should be clear, in focus and current (just like you, I looked hotter ten years ago. But those must sadly remain in the family albums and not be posted online). I have shots I like but…and maybe I’m too picky…I am a graphic designer in “real life” and review and edit photos as part of my day job, so I get a little nutty if the lighting isn’t perfect, or a stray hair has blown across my face, I haven’t found any that are “just right”.

It’s not that I don’t have lots to choose from. My friends all know I’m updating the profile pix so, everytime we’re out somewhere someone is whipping out their smart phone and snapping a pix of me. I have photos of me eating, drinking wine, eating some more, drinking yet more wine…LOL Holy Cow I shudder to think of what those pix would attract on Match!

I’m not big on over-editing anything in Photoshop (and I could make myself look hotter than Angeling Jolie, I know how!). I want the photos to be the real me – although I have one I edited to make me look like a character in a Graphic Novel, I may post that just for fun. I also think I’m obsessing a bit too much on what I think would attract that elusive Mr. Darling (tell me to stop doing that, will ya?).

Ah well, I’m not in a great rush to re-up my Match membership so I have some time to cull the photos down to my faves. How many photos do you have posted on your profile? Are you happy with them? Bought any cute bathing suits lately??




  1. i remember what a struggle it was finding just the right pics to post up. felt like i always had a drink in my hand! ah well… at least i was smiling!

  2. […] Easy. But, it is important. This is your one chance to put out to the universe and potential dates what you want them to know about you and what you are looking for. The profile IS important. Take your time with it and make sure it is accurate and will illicit the […]

  3. […] the online dating sites allow you to upload several pictures. While I always recommend that the primary photo be a simple portrait, current, well lit and showing you at your best, the other photos can be a bit more creative and flirty. Winking at the camera, laughing, doing […]

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