Posted by: Shar & Mare | June 18, 2012

WOW…What An Exciting Week We’re Havin’!

Just a quick break from our usual blog fare to share some exciting news with y’all! First, Mariann and I are now officially part of Singles Warehouse, the largest dating website and magazine in the UK..and beyond. Keep an eye out HERE for our first official post. Follow @SWEXPERTS on Twitter too, to meet all of their other amazing and talented writers (GUYS…It may take us a few days but we will say howdy to all of you on the Twit-Tah…:).


We have a live radio interview scheduled for this week on Power Women Radio. YES, we speak…LOL. Tune your browser in to at 12 Noon, EST on Wednesday, June 20th. And you can follow Power Woman Mag on Twitter too at @powerwomenmag. We’ll be talking about LifeBytes, the blog, the BOOK. This is not to be missed.

What a week…I’m all verklempt.



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