Posted by: Shar & Mare | July 5, 2012

Online Dating Sites – A Rating of My Own

Which dating site should you join?I am really looking for love and am so ready to fall head over heels for someone that it is almost painful.

Recently, I realized, I have been spending too much time on work and not enough on social activities. So, I am trying to scope some social outings or events that might prove worthwhile.

In the meantime, I am looking at all kinds of websites. From being on a few steadily for a few years, I feel like I keep seeing the same profiles. So, I thought it would be strategic to join a bunch of different sites to see if there is anyone new or intriguing.

I have interacted with many, and here is my opinion. This is solely my opinion based on experience.
Like this site. Easy to navigate. Quality of people seems good as long as you filter and read between the lines properly to stay away from the ones you should. Started to have their own live mingle an event which is great. Met some nice people on this site. My primary site to meet someone.
I have tried this site on and off for years. I have friends who met on this site and are now married. I like the different levels of communication, but sometimes, as you progress in the stages, the men seem to take longer and longer to respond. They need to shorten this or find a way to bring this process along sooner.
A cousin to which tries to combine the search feature of with the selected for you feature of except the stages of communication are simpler and shorter. Met a couple on this site. Many are on as well. I am a member for free since they imported all the profiles when they started up years ago and those members gain access for free as a result.
I had no luck with this site. Found a lot of dead beat people or ones who were still married or are “just separated.”
I am Catholic. Stay away from this site. It draws the most odd and socially incapable people on this site. I get strange responses. One guy wrote me once that he wanted a traditional woman who knows her place in the home and will stay in the kitchen, cook and clean for her man and be a traditional housewife as he does not want his wife to work at all. Oh boy — so many issues there. Delete. Move on.
This site draws a much more diverse and normal group of people who are religiously minded. Met a few nice people. Taking a break from them now. But, I would consider going back for a 3 month stint.
I am not a senior but am open to people in their 50s. This site is really for the over 45 crowd. I joined and emailed many people and not one responded back. Thought that was weird. Even to say they were not interested. But, I think I got ONE email in all the months I was on it. I have ended my membership. I may go back, but it would be 6-12 months away
I tend to be conservative although my friends think I am really a Democrat. I just joined. I thought there was much more of a database and am finding it is small. It might grow. I will give it 3 months. If I have not met anyone, then I will not renew. Will keep you posted.
This is a nice site. Easy to navigate. Wish there were more options to put information. Met a couple of nice people. Some are extreme and only talk about religion. I am religious but not every word has to be about one topic. Search engine is good and they send you match options like which is nice.
I am Irish and would like to meet someone with a commonality in our heritage. This site has been disappointing. A lot of the people contacting me are younger and they send one word or a sentence. That is it. Most of the people are in Ireland, which makes it challenging. To date though, I am not impressed.
This site is disappointing. You can search but you have to join to send emails. I did. I will give it a shot. But, so far the people on it don’t seem to line up with me or what I am looking for.
This is a free site and have some friends who had success. I personally find you get very young or very old people contacting you. Also, I have found a lot of married guys on the site. A friend has had very good experiences and dated a few people. As of this moment, I think I will use other venues.

I know there are some niche sites, but currently what I have seen for people interested in specific hobbies, etc, the database of people are very small and a one month membership is all that is needed to fully check out a site. If you like it, you can always join for a longer time.

What have been your experiences? Can you make any recommendations?
Thanks for sharing.

Now that you have an idea of what site to join…read our latest post on Singles Warehouse to make sure you know how to plan the perfect date!



  1. Totally relate to your post! I’ve had the most success with

    • Match seems to be the most popular too. I have heard of friends who found someone on Plenty of Fish or OK Cupid, and my niece met her hubby on eHarmony, but they seem to be the exceptions to the rule!

  2. Great ratings! I’m always saying there needs to be a site that you can rate and share information about the dates you go on. I’m going to do some Googling and see what I come up with.

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