Posted by: Shar & Mare | July 12, 2012

He Wrote WHAT??

“I don’t know why you would contact me? I know our profile says we are 93% compatible, but you are a Catholic and I am a reformed Protestant and I only want to be with someone who is also Reformed.”
<<Well, it sure would have been nice if you said that in your profile.>>

Thank you for writing. But, I only want to date someone who is within 10 miles of where I live. You live outside the area I want to travel to.”
<<Then, why did you indicated you would travel 50 miles on your profile? And are you really that lazy that you can’t drive more than 10 miles to find love? Good riddance>>

<<Ugh … no thanks!>>

“Let’s hookup.”
<<No. Let’s hook you up to some shock therapy. Maybe then you will learn to send appropriate emails.>>

“Where is your photo dude?”
<<I am not a dude>>

“Thank you for your smile and email. I am glad you liked my profile and got the true sense of who I was.”
<<I am fine. Thanks for asking. I like long walks on the beach and beautiful sunsets. Thanks for asking. And, I like dogs and red wine. Thanks for asking. Yep, I got the true sense of who you are alright.>>

“Have you found anyone on this site?”
<<Ugh … well, if I had, I would have my profile up and looking for someone now would I? Just sayin … “>>

“Hmmmm, you’re pretty. I can’t believe you’ve never been married.”
<<Well, with charm like that I know why you were never married.>>

“Thanks for your email. I just met someone and we’ve gotten serious so I want to give it a shot. Good Luck in your search.”
<<Thanks. But, I’d like to ask why you are online constantly every day if you met someone you are so serious about? And, why even write me with a lie? Just askin … >>

“How about we get to know each other?”
<Great. Why don’t you start by asking a question and writing more than 8 words to start off getting to know each other>>


What are these guys thinking? Apparently, they are not. I shake my head when I read some mundane, self-centered, ignorant and lazy responses.

This is a dating site where you supposedly trying to get to know someone. Ask questions. Give them a compliment. Show a bit of who you are … you charm, intelligence, wit and interest. You owe it to yourself and having a decent relationship to do that.

Come on, you don’t have to be a literary genius. But, try just being normal and starting a conversation without getting weird or inappropriate.

I have seen the trend towards these kinds of responses. I hope this turns around.

Has anyone had any experience that is similar? Men, have you had odd responses from women? We would love to hear them!!

Good Luck!

Thanks, Mariann



  1. I get the “Have you met anyone from this site?” all the time. And I want to scream from the rooftops: “If I did, would I still be talking to you?”

    And…I’ve also gotten the “I just met someone” response and have then seen the guy back online fairly quickly. I’d rather him just not respond!

    • OMG…The “I’ve just met someone” comment is my favorite! I’m tempted to write back with “So…why are you still on here, hedging your bets?”

  2. I get a lot of these. There should be a dating site that filters out the brainless/asking for sex/one liner emails so they don’t even go through. A lame email filter function:)

  3. I’ve written an entire novel about dating in ones fifities – the emails get worse the older they are it seems.
    I went on a couple of sites for research (they were so awful I wouldn’t actually use them to meet someone for fear of what I’d meet,) so with no pic or profile other than my gender and age, I started getting emails saying they’d read and found my profile interesting!

  4. My favorite messages are the “Got any more pics?” from people who didn’t post any pictures. My favorite profiles are the ones where the “author” types random characters. I always wanted to date a chimp.

  5. Glad to see we’re not alone in having to field the strange email messages. I particularly love when the sender of said nonsense claims to have a Master’s Degree…really??? From where, a correspondence school?

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